Baan Ricky - Sai Yok Yai National Park

Mar 30, 2010
GPS Make / Model:- Zumo 660

GPS Track Name:- Sai Yok Yai National Park

GPS Track Recorded by:- brian_bkk

Start :- Baan Ricky

End:- Baan Ricky

Way Points:- Sai Yok Yai National Park

Date :- April 2012

Season :- Hot

Conditions :- Hot and humid

Link to trip report :-

Other comments you would like to add:-
Amazing adventure.. The locals told Phil and Ricky that you can't get through on the trails any more.. Well almost.. we proved them wrong.
We should have started in the morning but started at around 3pm and ended up getting back to Rick's at 9pm!

The trails really are not in use at all.. Lots of tree / logs to ride over, one very very muddy river crossing.. Phil dropped the KLX in here and had it half submerged.. But we got the trusty KLX out and 10 mins later.. unbelievably she started up.. I almost went in as the mud just sucked the rear end / exhaust under.. Luckily Frank was there and lifted and pushed me so I could get out..

Great ride, very challenging and technical.. take lots of water and leave early..



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