back on the 1155 4018 again

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  1. Found another memorial to those lost fighting the communists, 40 plus years ago. This one out down a long dirt road near a hilltribe village in the middle of nowhere really, in the hills between Bahn Saew and Chiang Khong.


    Went looking for waterfalls signposted off the 1155 south of Wiang Kaen, but after long trips into the jungle, the paths disappered. The locals told me they are only accessible by foot... so carried on down the 1155 to the Forest park at the bottom of Phu Chee Fah. There monks living next to a Buddha cave and I noticed one of the monks feeding the monkeys who live there. Points like tall thin spires on the top of this karst.


    I soon arrived at the 4018 and just had to ride it again..


    From near the top of Phaya Phitak looking towards Phu Chee Fah. Just stunning scenery this time of year in between the rain showers, as the air is so clear..



    Where's the road gone..?


    Then looking down on the Ing river floodplain from near the Phaya Phitak Sala.


  2. Awesome colours..... thanks for posting....... wish I was there, only 3 weeks to go......... :smile1:
  3. dont know if you can help,cnt find a way to post a new thread ,just joined wanted to ask a question ,thanks John
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