Back up around the North. Part 2: North

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  1. So there we were just down from the mountains towards CNX. Turned left up the 107 and turned left on 1234/1338 to Mae Salong.
    Could'nt get in Shin Sane GH and ended up in the Central Hills Hotel for B500. Good views.

    Here a street up hill in Mae Salong:

    And here is the battle weary friendly hotel cat on Dave's lap:

    Marco headed back down the mountains to go to Doi Ankhang and we headed up to Doi Tung.

    On the way out of town the next morning got this shot of the floral design at one of the resorts:

    The roads around here are incredible and I remember a series of continuous switch backs; I think 6 one after the other. The views are stunning.

    Rolled into Doi Tung where a good coffee and snacks were devoured:

    We found the delightful road 1194 that runs from Doi Tung along the border to Mae Sai. There are check points along here where you have to produce ID which they record; i.e.: the second check point contacts the first one to confirm who you are etc.. All very polite and helpful.
    Astonishing views along the ridge line of which I only got the one at the top of the mountain looking down towards Mae Sai:

    Had lunch in Mae Sai and headed around to Chiang Saen. Here is a shot I took of some Thai history while pretending to be intelligent and cultured:

    Coming down the hills towards Chiang Khong and got a couple of shots of the might Mekhon River as the road rejoined with it:


    Stayed the night at Dave & Mai's lovely residence and got a shot of the full moon rising:

    Saying goodbye to 'Coco' Dave & Mai's chocolate Labrador:

    Dave & Mai were staying home and I rode over to CNX for the GT Rider BBQ and meet up again with Marco.
    Took a day trip to Doi Inthanon and this year managed to find the back road up there.
    Here's the road and the first clear view of the mountain summit:


    Marco starting up the "Yeti" issue again! Every time he gets up in the mountains its the same:

    View near the top:

    The Highest Point shot with picture of TJ and Simon:


    And Marco's GPS readings:

    To finish off (Ha! Ha! Marco's from Finland) this Part 2: North, I first must plead guilty and ask for your forgiveness.
    I am guilty of breaking a GT Rider Rule of not having photographic evidence.
    You see what happened was this: We were preparing to go back down the mountain and I heard these terrible gutteral expletives from behind me. When I looked round I witnessed the last huge physical effort of Marco trying to control the falling motion of his bike towards the ground.
    There's a lesson here: when you roll your bike off the center stand you better make sure the side stand is out.

    The 2 of us managed to lfit a BMW LT back up.

    Marco, deny this if you dare but remember I told everyone at the BBQ and along the road, of this event. Anyway, look at it this way:

    You are improving.
    Last year it was parking in a bananna field on a 40 degrree slope. 55555

    Part 3: North West. Coming soon.

  2. Ok Peter,, what you wrote in the end of your part, i cant comment as there is nothing to comment about it, ths this is fiction, im 100% sure that IF that would REALLY Happen, you would take your camera out and took picture about it and i would do the same as i took when i run off the road by my self last year, there is NOTHING to hide,,i know the mind is doing very weird things sometimes..

    Ok, lets get back to REALITY nd pictures what really happen..chall we?
  3. Marco's
    And what were all the bruises we saw on your legs and feet in Nan all about ??? Surely not from you falling down from a roof of a house..... :?

    Cheers, Franz
  4. Franz

    those are from my previous trip to CNX, when i borrowed bike and that went off durng my Samoan loop, i got hit under my left elbo, left knee and my ass, cos me bike repair about 9500Thb.
  5. So from Mae Salong i had to depart in the different way and as mentioned earlier did Doi Ankhang and back roads to CNX

    In CNX me and Peter hook up with Bob and his lovely wife for dinner in Italian style.
    This is "Italian Style"
    and Bit :wink:
    Next morning Peter got new experience, how to eat scrambled eggs with Butter knife,, it ws not pretty i can tell you (Montri hotel)
    and off we went to Do Inthanon via back road what we found this year,,or Peter found, im just a trailer
    Franz, this stop was your fault as you called Peter...
    If you look carefully in this picture you can see Doi inthanon Stuba in the small spot.
    Peter is on the way to take annual Jeti Picture of me :wink:
    So ride continues and it's getting cooler in every km's
    this back road is so odd, it comes in just after the check point and no one asking or collecting money, not that we stopped and offered to them either..
    Off to the summit
    about 2km's from the top, roadas gone missing and there is guard on the post all times just incase it will give loose more, repair work was planned,btu no one actually where working.
    If you recall peters picture of my GPS, the reading was different and bike did not move at all between him and I taking the picture from it.
    as you can see it here
    I did calculated risk and rode down to restaurant 4.8Km with out helmet and my empty head was freezing.
    Notice the Bikers, they biked all the way up and one lady in tigts where interviewing Peter and asking his phone number,, for future reference.
    Lunch time
    then ride back to CNX,that was nice and we completed nearly 300km's
    Following morning Peter wanted to get his preasuress bike to be washed before bike week and BBQ, so advice from Pikey was to go Pink Ladies, but that place ws 12km outside the town and we had to change hotel by 12noon time so time is gettig short, but Peter found is NEW table what he will get in his house as well, Pink seems to fit to his imago well.
    when back in hotel, peter was off to meet his family and i was off to get my read tyre finallychanged.
    Then it was late lunch time, peter got (Hot)Dog american style(What ever it means..
    and i got small size of Spare rib's(400gr), darn that took me 45min to finish
    Later that night we end up in Kafe and odd bird was passing by again.
    then around 11pm we got enough premium blown liquid inside and i saw this mexican joint otherside the street so we wet to small snack,,some tortillas,,i mean nice HOT tortillas
    then next day was quiet BBQ was afternoon but after that we heading to bike weekend and it was NOT as impressive than year earlier, everything seems to be missing, Beemer stall,minor like most of the others exept HD, But Yamaha girls tryed to keep spirit up by shaking some Booty
    Then i spot this darn UGLY Scooter yamaha, like form space movie what has been made in 1950's, no offence if some one likes it but for me it was just down ugly.

    Next section will be funny and all started night before in the party, where Peter made a deal with guyes that meet us in 08.00am in Kafe and leave at 8.30am,, well, Frnz turned up ontime for start but then he took so sweet time for breky so start was around 9-ish even some guys turned up by foot and where not impressed as we where on time,, but no worries we hi the road towards to NAN,, and Peter will start part 3 and i have still about 300-400 more pictures from NAN onwards...

    I almost forgot

    all my(Me and Peter D.) Trips can be viewed in following link what i have recorded with my GPS tracker.
    one's you see the dates doubble click on it and it will open google earth for you and you can view it

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