Bang Seang Bike Week

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  1. We booked four rooms at this location at this point as these were the only guys sure that they would make it at this juncture to avoid confusion it would be better if everyone just booked thier own rooms from this point on.

    So this is where will be staying the rooms are booked for one night only the 27Th. There should be a phone number on the web site but I think you can book right on the web site.

    SS Bang Saen Hotel rates are 1200 night

    I couldn't get the web site to work so the phone number is 038-381226

    We more then likely will spend the night of the 26 th at Korat for those living in that area or Khan Kean maybe the thing to do would be to meet in Korat, on the morning of the 27th. I forgot to ask the name of the hotel in Korat but I will findout and let everyone know.

    I'll also try to finalize some plans for the ride back as well, this week.

    Let me know if I can help
  2. Ride Plan Bang Sean

    October 26 Th.

    0930 Meet Jet Gas station Khan Kean Highway Hwy One to Korat.

    A side stop at Phi Mai

    Prasat Hin Phimai is the largest sandstone sanctuary in Thailand almost situated in the center of Phimai Ancient city which carries a rectangular shape of 665 meters wide and 1,030 meters long. The Sanctuary has been magnificently restored and renovated ruins and has been preserved as a National Historical Park.
    The principal sanctuary is a tower (Phrasat) surrounded by four porches with an ante-chamber leading into each porch. On the terraces of the pyramidal roof, which is supported by Garudas, guardian figures, are interspersed with Nagas.
    Of special interest is a carved stone door-lintel depicting a divine figure, dressed in an elephant skin worn upside down, who dances on a pair of prostrate figures, on either side of this figure are rows of seated Buddha images dressed in royal attire, while below them are rows of dancing celestial figures.
    Also on the way to Phimai is the Phimai National Museum housing valuable historical objects and archaeological remains found in the region.
    Other Khmer ruins within Nakhon Ratchasima include Prasat Hin Phanom Wan located about 20 kilometers from town, Prasat Hin Nang Ram Wan located about 80 kilometers northeast of Khorat in Amphoe Prathai, Prang Ban Ku and Prang Sida, all of which are similar to Phimai ruins but somewhat smaller.

    On to Korat and spend the night.

    Travel distance approximately 350 Klms

    October 27th

    0930 leave Korat in route to Bang Sean

    Travel Distance approximately 290 Klms

    Check into Hotel SS Bang Sean

    Event Schedule:

    1600 meet at the site

    1630 Ride in a parade around town.

    1730 Sign in.

    The party actually starts at 1900

    There will be concerts going on Some Thai speeches; at some point every one will light candles this is in celebration of the Kings 80Th birthday...
    There will be award ceremony, just general entertainment.

    At 2330 Caribou will perform and that will be the end of the Event.

    October 28 Th lazy day for the party animals

    1100 we will get underway back to Korat
    Travel distance 270 Klms

    October 29 Th return Udon

    O900 Start

    The route will be

    Korat to Chaiyaphum

    Chaiyaphum to Chum Phae

    Chum Phae to Nong Bua Lampho

    Nong Bua Lampho to Udon

    Approximately travel distance 379 Klms

    Ok this is the plan at the moment. If you want to suggest changes you need to make your suggestions before October 20 Th. If not this is it etched in stone.

  3. Well we have six riders going now with six rooms booked in Korat for the over night and resevation made in Bang Sean.

    A seventh rider is going to meet us there, should be fun anyone else want to go let us know quickly.
  4. Ray
    Sounds like you've got a nice little group of guys going - good on you mate.
    Dont forget some piccies of the riders & event. Email them to me after & I will post them if you like.
    Enjoy the ride & have fun.
  5. Unfortunatley cheap charlies camera is broken But I think Dil will share besides he is better at it then I am.. I have been working at getting rider together for about a year now and it is starting to show results.

    Actually have an e-mail list of about 46 riders that ride in the Udon area from time to time and send out an invitation just about every week. I don't post them on here every week cause I don't want to drive everyone nuts. But we tend to have four to seven riders every weekend. Usually just short day rides, 300 to 400 Klms and back home agian.

    Been well worth the effort making a lot of friends and we always seem to have a good time.

    This is the first event we have tried and others would have gone but they are still in the work world, go in and out of country as work requires.

    If someone wants to do the same it takes time and effort but the rewards are great.

    We might make Chaing Mai this year maybe we will get to see some of you guys up there.
  6. Nice one Ray. Got your phone number and will call you late next week to confirm meeting at Bang Saen.
    Will then try to persuade you to go to Chiang Mai. We have a complete route worked out with detailed road numbers and mileage; also recommended accommodation.
    See you there.
  7. I look forward to it Doug, Chaing Mai depends on the baht in the pocket at the time. Even if I don't go others will so I'm sure the guys would entertain riding with your riders. There are three groups that ride with us, but we are not a group and just enjoy sharing riding expereinces.
  8. It was a great show probably 3000 + bikes all the usual suspects loads Of Hds ,big jap bikes mini bikes and of course the amazing custom bikes that the Thais put together but the big suprise was all the old Iron there. BSA rocket Goldstar, Norton commando, AJS 650s , 50s and 60s triumphs , early ducati singles , a beautiful MHR ducati 900 and so much more more I was in heaven . i have pictures but am looking at a good method to down load to this site. Photobuket or Picasa.
  9. Ya we had a great time as well. we tried to do he parade that was listed, that was big mistake LOL We got seperated and never really go back together until the following morning. How many people did you think were there? I would say at least 40K I saw three main stages going with life music. This wa not like any bike week I have been to glad I experienced it. But probably won't do it again.

    One thing for sure Harley's and Gold Wings were all over the place. Lots of the little Honda 110' or were the 90"s ?

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