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    Hello everyone,

    A bunch of Thai friends invited me if I would like to go as a pillion rider to a road-trip to Malaysia. I thoroughly enjoyed and I consider myself v.lucky to have such an opportunity.

    Thanks to K.Montri who is not just an excellent rider, but an excellent person too.

    Bikes and Riders - K.Montri and myself on a V-Strom 650, a 50yrs+ couple on a Versys and a 66yrs old guy (I think owner of RIT morotcycles) on a Z1000.

    Sorry don't have a trip report but have a small video clip to share. Hope you guys enjoy watching.

    Watch on Vimeo for mobile devices :-
  2. Nice one, that certainly looked like you had a good time.
    Well done & thanks for the clip. Nice soundtrack too.
  3. Great video Sam... Some hidden video editing talents there :)

    Looks like you all had a great trip.

    I saw K. Montri's pics from Singapore on Facebook.. But didn't put two and two together..

    Nice one, real little gem of a video.. Some great memories there.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Wanted to tell, we didn't take the bikes into Singapore. Instead from Johor Bahru we crossed over to Singapore by bus for a day tour and were back to our hotel in Malaysia by evening.

    YouTube seems to reenstated their copywrite claim and now the YouTube link doesn't seem to work on mobile devices. I have however uploaded the video to Dropbox and i think with a good internet connection the link below should work.
  5. Funny you mention about parking the bikes in JB and taking the bus over.
    I was going ask on the formalities of getting the bike in to Singapore.

    Understand you have to rent one of the ERP gantry cards / holders and mount it on the bike.
    Plus a fee per day? Did you guys look in to this at all?

    Love the video coming down from Genting..
    I lived in Singapore for 6.5 years and use to drive up to Genting. Nice up there in the clouds and yet so close to heat and hustle bustle of KL.

    Remember the twists and turns and smell of burning brake pads from cars and trucks getting down..

    Don't you love the special lanes for bikes to go around the tolls on the motor ways.. Free for bikes.
    Plus great quality roads and courteous drivers.

    I was able to watch you video via DTAC.. and it is still fine on the home ADSL.

    Have me tempted to do this ride Bangkok - Singapore - Bangkok.. Want to tick this box..

  6. No. Since they are too strict with rules and regulations, we had no plans to enter Singapore.

    Yes, we were really impressed by the malaysian driving manners. Something the local drivers MUST learn.

    I really enjoyed the trip, touring through the winding roads close to nature and beautiful landscapes. I would love to go again with my wife. Have my sights on a touring bike now, and should perhaps sell my KLX.


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