Bangkok Post Story on Brit Bikes.

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  1. For somebody who rides a BMW to state that British Bikes are peculiar must be a peculiar person himself indeed.
    So maybe the peculiar person should be riding the peculiar British bikes.
  2. I have owned 2 of the modern Hinckley Triumphs , trident 1992, thunderbird 900 1997 both perfect machines . And tuned a new 790 Bonny for a mate it is awesome.

    Do britbike have a website or Email contact i fancy a new bonny or Street triple 675 if the Ducati goes.

  3. Hi Friends,

    Very happy for BritBike they have this good press release. It was very interesting as well to learn the story.

    Personnally, I do appreciate it and was allways wellcome and had good discussions with them.

    Jerry, I already report coordinates of the shop in some previous posts. I am not sure they have a web site but better to contact them by mail or phone.

    I am convinced that one day I'll buy a Triumph to them.

    Good guys, good business, done in a nice way, Bravo !
  4. Khun Dom maybe a movie star but his service ethic is second to none.

    Also he is a real biker, riding his Speed Triple up from Bangkok.
    Unlike the trucked in Harleys unloaded & parked up in the Mae Ping!

    The new dealership


    Khun Nareerat has set a great standard in her determination to provide great customer service.
    Long may it continue!
  5. Totally Agree with you Rhodie!!! I went for a Ride with Dom the other day when we Checked out the New Yamaha Bikes. Great Guy! He showed me the Speedo on His Speed Triple after Riding up from Bangkok, Top Speed Recorded: 246kmh WOW!!! :shock: That is faster than the Top Speed Claimed By Triumph! He is actually a Real Experienced Rider anyway not Just the Poser Type. Nareerat from Niyom Phanich and all the Guys i have Dealt with from here and Brit Bikes have been Exceptional, a Hard Act for other Hopeful Dealers to Follow. As Dom pointed out when we went to Yamaha, No one even Talked to us Till we asked them for Info :? Customer Service & Satisfaction is Very Important to Him and His Crew.
    Good to See you Got Your Scrambler and My Tiger in the Photo Rhodie :wink: Well Done!
  6. Colin,
    You should know by now that Trumpy's ain't Trumpy's anymore. And your photo shows you sitting on a water pump on 2 wheels with no brakes!
    Only kidding mate, the latest triples are awesome. I am presently riding a speed triple and thinking of a Tiger once I get back in Thailand. May see you you in the new year.
    Have you still got the GS650?

  7. Hi Friends,

    To add to your satisfaction and congratulation, I'ld point out that ohis staffis riding a Ducati Monster !

    True Riders and Nice Guys !!!
  8. They were also riding a Multistrada but that's another story.
  9. 2e5.jpg

    They look sweet!
    Do they have the Street Triples at BritBike and if so, how much are they going for?
    I'm happy with the Duc but....... :wink:
  10. The Street Triple as shown in the pictures are 580,000 baht.
    This model has been so popular around the world that the factory is running behind and can't keep up with demand.
    There is currently a 3-4 month waiting time for delivery.
    Next delivery to Thailand is due in March.
    I don't know if there are any spare bikes in that shipment.
  11. But, but, but,but...

    Don't forget that the Ducati is the Ferrari of Bikes, so again a difficult dilemma.

    Ok, a Triumph as a second bike, a Scrambler why not, I saw a nice model at BB.
  12. Ducati are the Ferrari of Bikes but Triumph are the Aston Martin of Bikes

    also I know Harley riders claim that God rides a Harley but in the Bible it says God Rode a Triumph but it is well know that the Devil rides a Ducati.

    If i had spare money I would have a Ducati and a new Triumph .

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