Bangkok to Mae Hong Song via Mae Sot for the 2nd Annual International Music Night

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  1. TonyBKK

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    Brilliant weekend! What a ride and what a great event in Mae Hong Song!

    Met up with the fellas bright and early in Bangkok and we escaped the big smoke before the morning rush hour-

    A pair of Ducati Multistradas, a Triumph Sprint ST, BMW K1200R, and a GSXR naughty.gif

    Blasted up to Ayuttaya where we stopped for breakfast-


    We made excellent time, not much traffic, road conditions getting better, still some rough stretches between Nakon Sawan and Kampaeng Phet, and again between Kampaeng Phet and Tak.

    The highway 12 over the mountains from Tak to Mae Sot was good fun and I got a bit ahead of the group- pulled over at a scenic overlook to wait-

    The road is a bit rough and slippery in spots, but mostly good fun and amazing scenery-

    We arrived in Mae Sot around lunch time, parked the bikes across the street from Bai Fern and enjoyed some excellent food and cold beers- this weekend is off to a great start!! friday.gif

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  3. That cannot be Mary Jane being openly advertised on the blackboard behind your Leo chai mai? :p


    Glad no-one had any problems with the oil slick that did for me last week, maybe the Old Bill (who went out to the "scene" but I'd long gone by then) got it cleaned up? Stranger things have happened!

    Heard good things about the Bai Fern...... good grub?
  4. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Ha ha ha!! I wondered who'd be the first to spot the "Thai Herb" in the background avatar49.

    I've always enjoyed the good food, ice cold beers and friendly service at Bai Fern.

    There were a number of spots on the road to Mae Sot that were slippery but none of us could quite figure out just where the oil slick was that took you out. Possible that they actually cleaned it up?
  5. TonyBKK

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    We stayed the the Queen Palace Hotel which was a hell of a lot nicer than the sticky old Pornthep where I usually stay, yet still walking distance from the center of town-
    MY Bike Ad with Pictures

    Big clean room for only 700 Baht, breakfast included, free WiFi and a pool.
    Not too shabby, though I did get a bit pissed when I found one of the bell boys lounging on my bike and he kicked it getting off... eek7.gif

    We walked in to town and pigged out at the Krua Canadian restaurant- wow! DukeGirl.gif

    After that meal we were all in need of a walk so we wandered down to the area with the bars and clubs but it was still early and everything was very quiet. A few beers and we headed back to the hotel for "dessert" ;)

    Tomorrow we have a long day ahead of us as we ride the border road from Mae Sot to Mae Hong Song clap.gif
  6. TonyBKK

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    Woke up to cool weather and clear skies! Quick breakfast at the hotel and we're ready to roll.

    We needed to gas up as once you're out of Mae Sot there aren't any real gas stations (just the occasional barrel of who knows what with a hand pump) until you reach Mae Sarieng some ~230km to the north.

    Asked a local for directions to the nearest station and the joker sent us through the morning market.

    We certainly turned some heads rolling through the crowded market on our bikes.

    Finally we find the station, top up our tanks, and we're ready to hit it!

    The 105 from Mae Sot to Mae Sariang is a real mixed bag. It starts off nicely as you ride north out of Mae Sot-

    Following Neil on his Triumph Sprint ST and Dom on his BMW K1200R-

    It's a gorgeous day! Everything is nice and green, no burning, clean air, fantastic views!

    Some low clouds and I thought we might get wet, but we lucked out :mrgreen:

    Some sections are brand new and are liter bike heaven, while other parts are in such poor shape that you'll be wishing for a dirtbike or 4x4.

    Here's one of the better sections, in the middle of nowhere, looks best in HD :happy5:
  7. TonyBKK

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    What an road! In the middle of nowhere, not a car to be seen naughty.gif

    Rob sums it up nicely here-

    Amazing Thailand indeed! clap.gif
  8. Satonic

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    Great pics and video Tony, thanks for sharing.

    My other half thinks I have finally gone crazy - She has been sitting watching me lean from side to side in my computer chair as you corner on the gixxer :)
    I didn't even realise I was doing it!
  9. Not on a Yamaha

    Not on a Yamaha Ol'Timer

    Lovely piece of road in that vid, wish I was on it. :(
  10. TonyBKK

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    Cheers guys! Thanks for the positive comments.

    Here's Neil looking pleased on his Triumph Sprint ST-

    Sarge on Kawasaki ER6n and Grant on Ducati Multistrada-

    Shortly after we hit some construction. You can tell that by next year this will be some more awesome blacktop-

    And that's kind of the theme for the 105. The good parts keep growing and the crappy parts keep shrinking. But wow, some of the crappy parts are really in dreadful condition!

    Check this clip- the road is so rough that it broke the wheel off a truck. You can see the wheel in the road on the right and where the truck ground to a halt on the left. Good luck getting a tow truck in there! I reckon they'll have to fix it on the spot. And it seems they'd already spent a night in the jungle as there was a day old campfire next to the truck-

  11. jimbobs

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    just been bitten by the bug again watchin this,, ide lost my love in the uk,,but i am counting down the days till i get my bike out again on the frost free , sunlight roads of LOs,,,,thanks lads

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