Bangkok to Nong Khai via Loei and Chiang Khan- 897km ride!

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  1. SSR III Iron Butt! Wow what a ride!

    Kawasaki ER6n, Triumph Tiger, Yamaha FZ1 and Yamaha R1

    Day 1:

    Bangkok to Petchabun to Lom Sak to Nakhon Tai to Dan Sai to Loei to Chiang Khan to Nong Khai! 897km!


    Awesome ride, but by the end of it I was shattered! Original plan had been to ride Bangkok to Loei. I rode hard all the way to Loei and really didn't pace myself for any additional distance. Loei to Nong Khai was an extra 250km that I had not planned on!

    Day two plus video and pictures coming soon!

    Happy Trails!

  2. SSR III Iron Butt Day Two:

    Nong Khai-Udon Thani-Wang Saphun-Chum Phae-Lom Sak-Petchabun-Bangkok! 768 km!


    1665 km in two days and rain for most of day two- wow! Good times and stunning roads- can't wait to ride some of those roads again in good weather.

    Pics and vid coming soon!
  3. 0600 Departure from Caltex Asoke!

    First pit stop. Already forgot where...

    Amazing Highway 12!

    Beautiful Highway 12! (Hey, what's CF doing???)

    Payback's a bitch... ;)

    Highway 12 both east and west of Lom Sak is one of the most beautiful roads I've ridden in Thailand. Check it out- you won't be disappointed!



    Happy Trails!

  4. Tony

    an other great ride again....

    I can see that CF is molesting your, sorry your ER's tail pipe :wink:

    "Babana" man seem to have blast again,,,did he managed to catch any little thai gals this time?
  5. Finally got the video uploaded!

    Happy Trails!
  6. Banana Boy and Superbike Pete Bike Cam Video. Route 2013 near Nakhon Thai, Thailand, July 4th 2009-

    Ride On!
  7. Tony

    Nice clip man.
    i hope to be on the road again as soon i get my new ride
  8. Cheers Marco!

    I see you've put up the Panzer Wagon for sale? What will be your new ride then?

    Hope to see you on the road again soon!

    Happy Trails,

  9. Cheers Marco!

    I see you've put up the Panzer Wagon for sale? What will be your new ride then?

    Hope to see you on the road again soon!

    Happy Trails,

    yep matey

    Pazar wagon is on the market now and Dougal already got new name to my next ride
    TOKYO TANK,,a.k.a. 2006 Honda GoldWing Black on Black edition
  10. Wow!

    Getting rid of the Panzer Wagon in favor of a Tokyo Tank?!

    What made you decide to do that? Other than the recent mechanical troubles with the LT I thought you were quite happy with it.

    I have no idea about the pros and cons of a Goldwing vs an LT. What made you choose the Goldwing? I suppose a Goldwing is easier to fix and as it's a Honda hopefully you'll enjoy the famous Brand H quality and never have any problems with it.

    Look forward to seeing you on the road soon!

    Happy Trails,

  11. Tony

    No, the mechanical problems are to be fixed and after that LT is better than it was NEW, and that is not reason for PWäs selling, i just dont have space for 2 that big bikes, and it's financial solution for me as well, to getting GW need lot of cash.

    i always been looking for GW but so difficult to find good one in desent price tag on it.

    What comes to fixing,, it's same than PW,very difficult to do and parts hard to order,not so much in stock in LOS.

    but as it's not with me yet,, i have to hope that nothing goes wrong

    if im lucky i should have it with in week or 2.

    Im rebuilding LT and test it and then it's ready for new owner with ALL extra parts in it.

    Pros & Cons are almost similar, GW is heavier and thurstier,but in my riding speed it should be more or less same

    just need to get use to it and take it easy in the begining
  12. ^ Cool Marco!

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new ride- the Tokyo Tank! :mrgreen:
  13. Ouch.
    Good on you Tony & Co for such a ride - in the wet. Well done. Funny how it goes eh, I was away 2 weeks through the same area & did not get wet at all.
    Thanks for the contribution.
  14. Tony & Othehrs

    That was A Scam and i almost fell to that whole but luckily my Security back round kick's in and i started to spots few thing's,, but as soon i will get all the facts i will write the full report how it was but for all, if you get mail from person named as Martin Jefferson,claim to be Brittish Naval Soldier, Email Address:[email protected], and using or might use hand phone number's +447035926541 or +60169285364, just back off so no one looses money.
  15. Oh wow!

    Someone tried to scam you, huh? Good that you sniffed it out before sending any money!

    There have been a bunch of scams in the ThaiVisa classifieds recently as well. Sellers offering bikes (or other products) at unrealistically low prices. They say they are out of the country and the catch is you have to transfer a deposit to them and they say they'll deliver the bike (or other product) at a later date.

    Of course, once they've got the deposit you never hear from them again.

    Is that the scam they tried to pull on you? Or something else?

    So- no Tokyo Tank... Do you have a back-up plan?

    Happy Trails!


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