Bangkok to Siem Reap (Advice needed please)

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Just looking for some updated information on the road from Poipet to Siem Reap.

    Understand the road is finished? Is it in good condition all the way to Siem Reap?

    Also, read a few things about Poipet customs not being helpful.

    What are the formalities when taking the bike in to Cambodia and is there anything else we should know to avoid having problems when leaving. Will be entering and exiting from Poipet.

    I have been through here on a bus before and not the nicest spot in Cambodia.. Rude and extremely corrupt.

    Looking to take the ride with some friends in February. There is a long weekend then..

    Bangkok - Siem Reap - Bangkok. Leave early and hope to be in Siem Reap late afternoon.

  2. 2months ago, i rode from BKK top PPenh, with a singaporean friend. I can only say this:
    1. the road from Poipet is good tarmac (rd 5) all the way to Sisopon (turn off to Rd6 to Siem reap) ...and to P.Penh.
    2. the thai custom clearance is a wee bit tediuos for us. This custom clearance is totsally different from other border crossing. The Thai officer insisted on us submitting a carnet application. BUt all in good and friendly manner. A photocopy of driving license, bike grant, and passport for a payment of Baht20, all inclusive . And he filled in the forms for us :)
    3. the immigrant at Poipet is rather 'weird'. We didnt have to pay anything BUT 3 guys from Malaysia were asked for USD10 each. They declined to pay and were duly stamped in & out and denied entry. I guess it was because they only wanted to spend time in Poipet..whilst we were heading further inland. Yes, they will ask you for your destination.
    4. The custom clearance/applications for motorcycle is ZERO! No applications of any sort. I was actually a bit apprehensive as my previosu trip there a few yrs ago called for documentation. This time, no one directed nor asked us to submit/apply for anything. I saw 5 malaysian bikes heading out att he other side and promptly went over to say hello and to ask about thier bike enytry/exit permit. Their answer was a NAY. Nothing declared. No permit of any sort. AND i witnessed them riding off the Camb side into Arang with nary a care.

    We then proceeded to do the same...just rode pass the couple of officers (who looked bored and nary a care...).
    Fast forward 4days laetr, we exited and returned to Arang, in the same manner. No paper work. Nothing asked by the Camb custom.

    It could be that we have some kinda ASEAn Agreement? But i guess you better ask and check too.

    Enjoy yr ride...its a straight and boring tarmac with flat boring landscape too.
  3. sorry.repeated post.

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