Bangkok to SihanoukVille over New Year 2011/12

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  1. Hi Guys,

    A friend and I are considering riding down to SihanoukVille over the new year period. Coming back on the Monday.

    Any tips or tricks at the border crossing with Trat? From past post that I have read this looks all OK and not dodgy like Poipet.

    Is the paper work the same as for Laos or do the Camobodian's need anything extra in the way of paper and number of copies?

    If staying at the beach, which would be the best area and any hotel recommendations?

  2. Make sure green book and tax are up to date or the Thais wont let you out at that border post..other than that its a all good , fill up with fuel in thailand as well as its cheaper
  3. It's an easy one day ride Pattaya -> Snooky.
    If you haven't ridden into Cambo previously, after checking out of Thailand at Ban Had Lek, get your visa at Cambo Customs ($20-US). Don't listen to
    any scammers who say you need a health certificate, to register your bike, or need insurance!! Get the visa and just drive on...note drive on the _right_ , not left, side of the road. Be alert when taking Hwy-4 south to Snooky...

    In Snooky, if you want to be near the beach, I'd highly recommend The Beach Club:
    Well maintained, WiFi, A/C, pool, etc. The manager (gal) and staff are wonderful.
    Also you can't beat their $5 (150-Bt) all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet!
  4. Thanks Guys.

    Is legitimate insurance available ? I thought it was only Poipet they are pr1cks..
    would rather get insurance if available as it is not expensive - at least in Laos it is cheap...
    But don't wish to enrich the touts hanging around the border crossing :)

  5. Hi brain
    Read my post again ease under sihanoukville shake down I am crossing Cambodian border at poi pet on 28 will post again if there are any problems
    I will recommend ochheuteal beach motel 7 is 15$ nice clean rooms 015207719 also if you like night life you stay at okata guesthouse 0436900951 or 099683683 for 10$ at victory Is newer hotel both places have night guards
    You will love it there specially on sunset go to octteuteal beach for dinner and you may want to stay few more days
    Good luck

    Sorry guys I do not have proper computer only using I phone that's sucks:(
  6. I crossed the border as planned There were no problems what so ever crossing the border at poi pet Thai officials prepares your papers and you do your custom declaration on Cambodian side than you are set to go with no extra charge.
    It went smooth road are like 4digits roads in Thailand or worse with pot holes slow going all the way to phnompenh as usual cover your head lights it is illegal to ride or drive during the day with your head lights on you willbe fined
  7. Rookie
    What type of customs declaration did you fill out on the Cambodian side.
    Was it similar to the temporary import papers issued by Thailand for non Thai registered vehicles entering Thailand ?
  8. Guys,
    Will post a trip report soon.. But we tried to ask for the customs declaration form and they said there were none.
    We were as forceful as possible while still being polite and not annoying the guys.

    They said they have no forms and if you want to a form you will have to speak with the Embassy in Bangkok.
    The customs guys said there is no form for Bikes.. There is one for cars..

    We asked what if the Police stop us.. They said there is nothing they can do as Sihanoukville is a different province.
    We asked for a number and their names the Police could call to verify this (more to make the cops life difficult with out just rolling over handing them cash)

    The customs guys said they would not give a number or name as different province.. So I took note of the numbers of their badges and was still going to tell the Police to call for them and verify there is no paper work needed..

    In the end we had no problems what so ever and a very enjoyable weekend.. Just a damn shame your holiday has [email protected] like this in the back of your mind all the time.

  9. Apologies for arriving at this thread late.

    As BM Rookie has said, I posted the problems I had in SV HERE which he answered.

    I'm planning to ride back in in a couple of weeks so I'm concerned that BM brian_bkk didn't find the forms either.

    Nice to hear that Poipet went OK. As I'm only going to PP maybe I'll go that way for a change.
  10. As soon as you pass the border go to custom excise office tell them you have motorbike they will give you a custom declaration form fill the blanks and a question do you have anything to declare yes or no check yes box and write down your bikes make model and value custom official signs and stamps you maybe asked to make photocopy and bring it back but keep the originals with your departure card stapled together
    It is lot easier than the Thai border please keep in mind roads are shared with pedestrians, bicycles, farm vehicles with out tail lights, overloaded trucks, animals, etc

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