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  1. Hope it's ok to plug a new bar(69) on jedyod Rd, it was opened around a month a go and kooki the owner is a real nutter and ask her yourself why she picked the name!!! makes a great night out.,plus have spent the last couple of times in the Baan bua guest house!,the owner is Tim (female) who speak great English and does a fine breakfast!,rooms start at 350 in low season,plus room to park our bikes etc.
    Chiang Rai has a slower pase than CM and can do loads of easy loops to get up there.
  2. Where is Baan Bua? I like a fine brekkie.
  3. Its behind the newish Orchids guesthouse, down the same Soi or driveway, been there for as long as I can remember. Over 15 years for sure. It is a very fine breakfast.
  4. Don't think thats the Place Dave. I think he's referring to Ban Bua Guesthouse. Never new there was a homestay place as well. Tim definately owns the guesthouse, not sure about the Homestay place.
  5. Now you got me. :roll:
  6. I know ban bua gh very well it s kind of funky place roomy but matresses were not comfortable and doors had gaps, it was 250 baht a night, hope they did some improvments.
    is it (69)a new place or another bar changed hand between the falang and police owns few bars on jedyod hard to survive for a local gal or a real nutter:shh: maybe have falang bf.

    I will ask her why she chose that name
  7. I dropped by 69 last week, nice place and nice owners. Kooki is nice, she has worked in CR bars for a fair few years and is a smart lady and her German bf is a nice chap too.
  8. Ok, someone had to do it....son on a real rainy night in Chiang Rai

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