Battery for Suzuki DRZ 400

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  1. Hi Guys
    I am looking for a battery for my DRZ 400 it’s a YUASA YT7B-BS
    Have not been able to locate it in Phuket, tried a few shops in BKK no luck, can somebody help me please, my bike want to go for a ride :lol:
    Thx a lot
  2. Try the battery shop on the Choafa rd east, from Chalong head to Phuket town - about 3/400m on the right. If not the dodgy chinese guy who sells Harleys- Chong Dee.
  3. HI
    I did, no luck,
    did try with another battery but no room for it. well at least my bike stay dry :cry: bike has been stored for 9 weeks, and now when i have time, no battery.
  4. Hi Friends,

    Having a DRZ 400, staying 9 month a year unused, I have the same problem and looked after the same battery last summer.

    Again, Red baron was very usefull and even if they don't have it in stock, they order it from Sing and/or/or Japan, and I got one.

    Red Baron is Your serious solution !

    On an other hand, I managed the battery problem on long time unused bikes by acquiring an Optimate battery charger which is doing a cycle of charge/discharge....Please have a look at the web site where it is well explained . I equiped the bikes with the relevant plugs and I only have to ask the maid to plug the charger once a month when we are not in LOL. It works perfectly and the batteries of all the bikes we have (Yamaha Nouvo & Fino, Ducati Monster and Suzi 400) are at top conditions when we arrive in LOL.

    I think it's good investment which respect the battery which should last longer with this equipement. Otherwith, you'll have to spend hell of a money for this tiny DRZ battery.

    A part from this, I thing if you have time for a one day search in Bangkok, you'll find a solution in Klongtom the Chinese mechanic corner in Bangkok. By searching, you find everything for car, bikes and others, there, issue is you have to spend a day, at least, there.

    Good luck !
  5. Azoulay, I would agree that an Optimate is the way to go having used them for quite some time in the UK and Europe. I learnt my lesson after spending £70 twice for a battery for a 916 - double what the Optimate cost. Now, I wonder, if you have more than one bike like your goodself, could you take the batteries off the bikes, connect them in parallel and then use one Optimate unit to maintain them all?

    BTW, where is "LOL" ;)


  6. Hi
    Yhx a lot guys, have a few guys on this very bad case, my bike want to go for a ride.
    Will try Red Baron if i dont get any news today, maybe have to ride with a bigger one till i find the right one
  7. Hi Friends,

    Right, Dirt Shop could be an option, normally they are specialised in off-road bikes...

    On an other hand, having several bikes and only one Optimate charger, I solve the problem by buying additional female plugs to fix on the additional bikes.

    No way to take the battery off the bikes, too lazy for that as a small plug bought in Ban Moh can solve the issue (cost 50 TBH)....I then ask the maid to plug and unplug the Optimate charger for few days on each bikes....

    At date, it works very well, I baught this charger in Europe and have one as well for my bikes in Europe but having surfed on the Optimate web site I saw this product is distributed as well in LOL through Red Baron...

    Please give some feed back about gokart battery, if it works (no reason why not) it would be interesting to remeber if...
  8. Hi Guys
    I got my battery today, nice to go for a spin again.
    I am still looking for 17" Motard wheels for my DRZ 400 or rims with spokes, anybody have some for sale?????
  9. So where did you get your battery from?
    Can you share the info.
  10. So where did you get your battery from?
    Can you share the info.
    Sure sorry about that. ... erms=DR650
  11. So where did you get your battery from?
    Can you share the info.
    Sure sorry about that. ... erms=DR650
    Good man, thanks for the contribution.
  12. Hi Pikey,

    When writing LOL I suppose camarade Azoulay thinks about Land Of Laughings, not so far away from LOSmiles, is it Laurent?..

    Connecting your batteries in parallel, in theory, no problem. Thus, the Optimate has a max output Amp level. So more you connect batteries, less each one gets rightly keeped charged.
    If you connect 2 SAME batteries you cut by 2 the Amp level on each battery, if 3, you cut by 3, and so on... And then it depends of the capacity of the different batteries, and their own lost of charge and so on... And note that in a hot weather as in LOS batteries lose their charge much more quickly than in Europe for example...
    IMHO, I think for 2 bikes batteries, it could be done. But please note I never tried!

    For my part, for a long "rest", I disconnect the batteries. Then I do the first re-start on an old (rather) big car battery I have as spare connected in parallel with the bike battery in palce.
    Euh... Yes, I agree, I have time to spend to do this :p

  13. Hi Friends,

    Gobs is right mix it up but LOL/LOS same for me...

    Coming back to the Optimate battery charger, I use it only for one battery at a time, then it works well. I did not try anything else.

    The battery disconnection is a very good option but anyway with time it get altered, if not cherged from time to time, thus the way the Optimate works through a cycle of disarege/charge is very benefic for the battery condition.

    Enjoy your energy !
  14. Right Laurent,

    Can't let a battery disconnected a too long time. But till you don't reach something like 2 months you'll get no problem, if in "good health" (the battery, not me :roll: )...

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