Best Gps For Riding??

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  1. Wake_The_Lion

    Wake_The_Lion Member

    Any suggestions on a quality reliable GPS?? I have never used one. But I will be exploring all over Indochina and have zero desire to get lost. I was looking at the DeLorme, it allows you to text as well as provide navigation. An appealing perk to me. What are you suggestions??
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  3. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Open Street maps for regional maps.

    Have a look around under the gps thread

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  4. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Ive had the Garmin 60CSx for about 7 years and had no problems with it. Its compact and robust.
    The screen is small but I don’t mind it. I cant compare it to anything else because it’s the only GPS I’ve ever owned. There’s newer models available now. Maybe 62CS

    Pretty compact as you can see.

    GPS, paper map, phone apps, sun dial, and I still get lost.

    The Garmin Montana 650T and 680T is the GPS that most adventure riders are using in Australia. There really good I hear.

    Hope this helps.


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  5. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    I have had a Garmin Montana for about 4 years. Tough bugger, built for hikers and been dropped many times, as well as bonced around on the dirt bike all over the place.
  6. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    I run/have run several different Garmin GPS units in the last 12 years on my bikes both in LOS and overseas racing enduro. The first advise I would give is get one that you can comfortably read with your helmet on whether at a glance or stopped. I have to use reading glasses and that greatly affects my gps usage specially on the go. Second would be what kind of riding would you be using it for as most here won't be offroad racing but mostly touring and such, then any secondary gps usage like automotive or geocaching etc would also factor in since its good to maximize the usage for the investment. I use to use a Nuvi 550 or 450...oiy... on my bike in LOS but have shelved it in favor of using Etrex 20's which I use as my primary and secondary gps's for enduro or my Oregon 650 (reluctant backup due to replacement price). The Oregon has a much larger screen (and price tag) and I have lost/destroyed three over the last 3 years. The Etrex series ( i prefer the 20) has a very small screen but depending on the level of zoom is not much bother for a quick navigation glance even with my shite eyes. I run two at different zoom levels to help navigation at racing speed. Non-racing I just use one unit. It also uses a cheap bar mount that will break away in a crash and may result in the gps surviving but make sure you have it lashed to the bike to prevent loss. I know many people using the 60CSx and they are very reliable units. I prefer a handheld unit that can be bar mounted for easy stash and carry. The larger Nuvi models, I saw several being used this year at Romaniacs which is too high risk, are very good on the bike also but I would recommend a lockable armored mount.
  7. sgBikerBoy


    I used my iPhone 5s as a GPS exclusively in my recent travels. I got a ruggedised casing for it, a RAM Mount on the motorcycle and a USB charging port wired up to the bike.
  8. Hua Hin

    Hua Hin Ol'Timer

    Although I'm not a fan of Touratec I did buy their lockable gps mount for my Gramin 660. It's got a rubber mount that dampens the vibrations and I don't have to worry about it if I walk away for an hour or two for lunch.
  9. mgeepers

    mgeepers Active Member

    Garmin Montana 650T now updated to Montana 680
    These are the best if you want to a powerful device with lots of space for maps, tracks and POIs, infinitely modifiable user settings, very good off-road tracks with a AMPs rugged mount they will stay on the bike no matter how rough the track. SD card for extra maps, if you are serious about navigation and are prepared to take on the learning curve this is the only one to get !!!


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  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I'm a bit of a dinosaur & use a Garmin "marine" GPS the 76CSX
  11. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    If routing/navigation is the important part, Garmin Zumo (any type) is among the top ones. All Garmin units not using the Zumo software are left with the Nuvo routing software. Usable is the best I can say.
    If several maps, tracking are the more important part there is a ton of GPS doing that from poorly to great.
    I have used a Montana 650 for about 4 years. Impressive. It is, however, listed as a handheld device.
    I got multiple maps on it as well as maps I have made myself.
  12. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Very timely topic..

    Looking for a new GPS for the Husky..

    The old reliable Zumo 660 is getting a bit tired after years of off road abuse..
    Still works.. but does a few crazy things now and again..

    After chatting with Oddvar offline.. Think I will go for the Montana 600
    No need for the higher model with camera.

    Zumo for the Pickup and the more gentle road riding.

    Main thing that appeals with the Montana 600

    Rechargeable battery and the ability to add AA batteries if needed.
    So no messing around with wiring up the Husky..

    Good news is.
    A good mate will be stopping in the USA and bring one back for me..

  13. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    You will love the Montana me thinks.

    This will give an idea of the overall size and the screen size differences between my Etrex 20's and Oregon 650 on my Sherco. They use the exact same Garmin handlebar mount in the last pic. The yellow lanyard prevents loss and makes for a simple and quick swap. I like the closeness of the mount as I do not like thinks sticking up too high as they can catch on crap, are better protected incase of a drop in less than ideal locations and won't catch peoples eyes. I use to have a Nuvi 660 mounted low on the bar which was a pain to make that work out but it worked really well and it survived for 2 years in Enduro but always made me so nervous. It lives in the Hilux now.
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  14. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Cheers for the pics.. Great to see how it fits on the dirt bike.

    Do you have any pics of the mount on the handlebar as well as the back of the GPS.

    Which mounts did you buy?

    Pretty much decided on the Montana 610... Not best way to mount it.
    With out sticking up and looking awkward.

    Actually thinking to mount it across the handle bars - sideways.

  15. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    The mount is the Garmin Handle Bar and Cart Mount #010-11023-00 and it does allow sideways mounting. It attaches via a pair of Zipties so depending on the mounting location and clearance you can rotate it out of the way if need be. I took a bunch of pics to give you as clear a picture as possible. One of the reasons I like the handhand GPS's from Garmin is the common mount from the Etrex - Oregon - Montana. Many people will trim the triple clamp pad to mount the gps in the middle of that...I forsake the pad for better or worse. haha

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  16. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for taking the time to take and post the pics.

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  17. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    Most welcome mate.
  18. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry one more question... May be I am missing the obvious.

    But does your GPS sit in a sleeve or how does it slide in and remain on that mount.

    The mount looks great and just what I need.

    Just can't see how the GPS fixes to it securely..

    Want to make sure I order all the correct bits in one hit.

  19. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

    Nay worries mate. Glad you asked as I had not noticed that my primary mount is actually cracked..wondered why it didn't seem to be mounting correctly. I have four of these mounts and this is the second I have broken in over a year. I train with two and used two during Romaniacs this year and use only one for the rest of the time. I would advise having at least one spare with you as its plastic and it does wear out over time. And if your pushing your limits to challenge oneself then you might break one like I do.

    If you look on the back of the Etrex/Oregon/Montana you will see a indent at the 'bottom', the mount has a tab that snaps into this indention to 'lock' it in place. To remove it you press down on the tapered (right word?) end of the mount and slide the gps up and out. Over time the plastic wears and you have to tap it out with you hand.

    One added security bit I do when I stop for a a coffee or lunch when out shredding tires and making dust and roost I slip one of my gloves over the gps and set the other on top so no one sees it. Knock on wood no problems so far.
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  20. mgeepers

    mgeepers Active Member

    Hi Brian this is how I mounted my Montana to the bars on my CRF, it really is good because it places the device up over the display so you don't need to drop your head to see it. The amps rugged mount is bomb proof and wont come off, if you don't want to run power form the bike get the bicycle mount NB: without power from the bike you'll go through 2 sets of 3AA batteries each day.


    Here I have made a plate to attach the rugged mount


    I then attached this to the Rally Management Services nav mount Universal Navigation Clamps (click link)
    Using cross bar mounting blocks Crossbar mounting blocks (click link)


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  21. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    On the KLX I have it more upright off the handlebars to the left.
    As more touring orientated.

    The Husky is more a bush whacking machine. The GPS really needs to be out of the way..
    No mirrors or any anything else sticking up.

    Don't really plan to look at the GPS unless hit an intersection in a new area and not sure where we are.

  22. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    In screen saver mode the standard battery on the Montana is good for a full day. (12h+)
    If using routing in screen saver mode the display lights up to inform you. No light on the display, full throttle ahead. Nice feature.
    There are other power saving settings that can be tweeked too.
  23. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    OK.. Thanks for all the help everyone..

    About ready to order..

    Here is the list..

    1 of below ( Allow it to be mounted side ways )

    3 of below (Basic mount for bush bashing rides on TE 300 and EXC 450)

    1 of below (Montana 610)

    1 of below ( Mount for the KLX and Touring / long distance rides)

  24. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    The first Montana I got got damaged from a cheap USB charger. Luckily, I bought the unit in Norway with a super customer protection, and after pretending "innocent" in a couple of e-mails I was told to return the unit.
    A few weeks later I got a e-mail saying they had received the unit, and a few hour later a new e-mail saying they had sent me a new one.
    Ever after I have only charged it through the Mac or the cradle. Don't repeat my mistake.
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  25. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member


    Just wondering if you had a part number for the mount.

    On GPS city I can only find this

    Thanks in advance.
    Have everything else now.. But realized I missed this :-/ Doh

  26. pseacraft

    pseacraft Ol'Timer

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