best route thru BKK?

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  1. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    I know this is a Chinag Mai based site, but I don't know where else to post my question.
    Does anybody know a good way to make it through (or even better: around) the BKK mess? I'm coming from the south, want to go to Cambodia via Chonburi / Trat. Last time I lost over an hour in the rain trying to find the ferry in Pra Padaeng. Is there a better way?
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  3. tiswas

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    If your coming from the south will you be taking the main No, 4 rd? If so make your way onto the outer ring road (No. 9) I know it's a longer route but you do keep going. You can find your way to Rangsit off there up to Nakhon Nayok & onwards to that side of the country. Maybe somebody can suggest a shorter route but I've done this route from Prachuap Kiri Khan - Prachinburi & managed to avoid all the BKK traffic etc.
  4. beattheswiss

    beattheswiss Ol'Timer

    This sounds interesting, Tiswas. Did you ride the main road or the frontage? I thought bikes were banned on No. 9?
  5. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    I don't think there is an easy way. YET. If you can remeber where you found the ferry that is still the shortest route. You need to go on 35 which ends at Suksawat Road, then going on right on Suksawat, south, you will pass under the 9 then continue about 1.8kms and turn left onto Nakhon Kluen Khan Road which will lead you to the ferry. if you pass Big C on Suksawat you have gone too far!!

    The Tiswas route he described will work.. The western portion of 9 is open to all traffic it is only the newer eastern part that is toll. There are frontage roads but it takes some skill to do all the U turns to find them.

    If you really want to avoid the worst of the traffic and don't mind travelling further you could try continuing on 4 to Nakhon Pathom take the 321 north to the 346 then west to 305, west to Nakhon Nayok, west on 33 to 319 towards Chanchengsoathen 331 south to pick up the 344 to Kleang. Bit of a long way around but all dual carriageway and avoids the worst except for the bit around Pathuntani.

    Good news is that they are busy working on the last bit of the bridge compex that will eventually join the 9 together and bypass your Pra Padeang ferry. So far it will only get you to Taksin Bridge right dowtown.
  6. HIKO

    HIKO Ol'Timer


    Maybe it is not of any help to you anymore but maybe for somebody else. I just came the route two days ago without problem.

    When you travel on road 4 look up for signs Bangkok and route 35. Take that and follow that road until it ends. Then you just end up in a terrible T-crossing where you go right. There is a terrible amount of other roads going right but they are U-turns so just go straight up to the end and turn right there. The road number is now 303 but it is not very visible Then you have about 3-5 km and three lights, under two big bridges and a few hundred meters after the last you will see a small very "run down" PTT petrol station on your left hand and there you turn left and follow that road until you get to the ferry. At the end of the road there can be some one way blocks but follow the traffic and you get to the terminal.

    Then after the ferry you just follow road number 4 to Chonburi. There are some huge road works there so you maybe not go the same road as last time. The road to chonburi is not very good and the traffic terrible. Trucks overtaking other trucks forcing you off the road but try to use your overtaking lights all the time to make them observe you in time.

  7. penetrator

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    So I take it then that you're not permitted to cross Bangkoks bridges on motorbikes if your all talking about catching ferrys. I've never ridden south through the capital but was thinking about riding from Pattaya to Hua Hin and didn't figure on this added inconvieniance. I've driven there a few times and it's very easy, I go via Bang Na and use 1 of the Rama bridges, cant remember if it's the VIII or IX as I leave most of those detals to the co pilot.
  8. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Well I'm in Cambodia now - I rode 400km up to BKK, stayed on Sukhumvit Rd, then went out Suk 77 and finally was on the road to Chonburi. Not much traffic in BKK on Fri 13 because of Songkran. Made it over the border to Ko Kong that day, am now in Sihanoukville. The roads in Cambodia have improved, no problems taking a street bike. Just a few short stretches where they're building bridges or where they're cutting through the hills. But - if it gets rainy, even the short stretches will be a major problem, you'd need a dirt bike.
    I'll post some pictures of road conditions and the state of the brigdes when Im back next month.
  9. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    You can use any Bangkok bridge except the 2 big tollway/expressway bridges, but if going South its most convienient to use the Prapadeng ferry, saves a lot off traffic hassle.
  10. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    I was on a boat cruise yesterday and the bridge over the river above the Prapadaeng ferry is open. There where no trucks on the ferry, only what looked like hundreds of motorbikes. Not sure if this means that bikes cannot use the bridge or that the bikes were "local" and the ends of the brigde are too far. Have picture if necessary.
    If anyone has a map with the bridge on it, it would help. It might be part of the Tollways system as there is another "identical" one about 1km downstream which maybe the outer ring road.
  11. HIKO

    HIKO Ol'Timer

    The new bridge that is ready does not take bikes.Hopefully the identical other bridge will take when it is ready.HIKO
  12. tiswas

    tiswas Active Member

    The no 9 road which goes through Bang Bua Tong through to Pin Klao etc, Not the 9 toll way road. From the no. 4 rd up from Hua Hin onto 9 rd carry straight through past the exit to Nakhon Patom etc eventually coming to Phatum Thani.

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