Best time in year - 4x4 Offorad Nordthailand

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  1. Hia all

    After my last Offroad Trip ( ... 09-(german)-t5667.html) we want to start again.

    We are searching conditions like this:


    At first i thouht, November is the best time.. But i searched inside the Forum, looks like we have to go earlier.

    Because it looks still normal at november: ... t6645.html ... t6638.html ... t6607.html ... t6602.html

    Which month you can suggest, for Mae Sariang, Chiang Mai?
  2. Difficult to say when the best time is for mud as it depends very much if there has been rain and how much during the last week or two.

    Your examples show more or less dry conditions of trips on a road bike in November but if you look here: ... t4622.html you will see that there can be plenty of mud and ruts in November.

    Rainy season normally starts around May and finishes around October/November so basically any time during that period may or may not be good for your type of off-roading depending on the area/amount of rain, etc.

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