Between Highway 3 and 4 (National Route 34)

Aug 7, 2003
Once again, what I do for a CD.

4 mates and I foolishly decided to check out national route 34 between highway 3 and 4, behind the Bokor mountains . Our intrepid guide Philippe from Kampot , a veteran of Thailand and Cambodia and also a fluent Khmer speaker led us on our merry way. Actually route 34 is a goat track and it had been raining so it was a canal. Excellent riding , camped overenight somewhere. Onto Kirirom national park and then back to between 3 and 4 again this time ending up at Takeo(good prawns in Garlic and pepper) after getting lost a few times , OK changing plan.Ended up at the Vietnamese border, the guards got a bit angry when we were taking photos, and we split.From there to Kep along the border was a easy run,stayed at a beuatiful guesthouse in Kep on the hillside ( Venesa?? $5 a night) saw lots of decaying old villas.
Onto Kampot and Bokor mountain, worth a visit if you haven't been there.An abandoned old french Casino resort. Sihanoukville for some night life and good food , Chantanas G.H. $5 a night , great bar area. Onto Koh Kong, always stay at the Ramsay Makara $6 to $8 a night, red lights only up the road and turn right on the dirt. A great blast at night is to hit the bridge and go full speed across towards the toll gates and then brake and turn back around, small things amuse small minds. Note that the Khmer customs sometimes demand a Carnet to bring a bike in at Koh Kong, Thais don't issue any carnets(for Thai bikes anyway). Last time I just brought the bike in , no carnet sir, I have papers sir, you pay money, i no pay money sir, just go then. If you don't get any import paper the police at the first hill hassle you, just say that the customs didn't give you anything. The police don't care because if you ask them they say the customs is nothing to do with them and they let you pass anyway.Some people pay B1000 to B1500 to get thru with no papers, I have never had to pay there, just gauge the situation as you go along.