Beyond Samoeng on 4 wheels


Nov 10, 2003
It was hot last week and, not in the mood to do some productive work, it was time for a short trip in the truck. Having read all the reports from people having fun "Beyond Samoeng" we decided to head out that way as we had not been there for a long time.

Out of San Klang we took the 3029, 107, 1095, 1269, 5032, 4029, no name road as well as some of the side roads, 6033, no name, the 4027/4017, 1096 and 200 km later we were back home. To be honest, 4WD was not needed at all as the roads were asphalt or hard packed dirt.


After a coffee break at the X-Center and an early lunch in Samoeng we headed out west till the 4029 turnoff to Om Long and off to the right on the dirt road earlier explored by CmDas (see ... t5352.html). Although in places it was still dusty, the rains in the previois weeks had taken care of the worst. The wife spotted some orange things along the road but could not determine what it was so any help is welcome.


After passing the reservoir it was quickly up into the forest along some nice "switch back"dirt roads.


After a few sidetrips in the forest to see some rattan and other tree plantations, it was down again into the valley to Ban Ngiew Tao and onwards on the 6033.


At Tung Ting we took a right on a new asphalt road to Tin Dong and Mae Pha and along the 4017/4027 in the direction of Mae Khi. The road is badly potholed but it was still enjoyable driving through the forest. Along the way the buffaloes enjoyed a dip in the new reservoir which had been built last year.



Just before Mae Khi we decided to return via the Nong Hoi Royal Project to Pong Yeang on the 1096 and with the sky being relatively clear we enjoyed the view from the Ban Mai Viewpoint.


On the way back and, as it was just 3.30, we headed out to Huay Thong Tao. It was packed with people and we joined them having a good time eating and drinking with the feet dangling in the water.


Mar 15, 2003

Great to see you posting a report already. I think it's a good idea. You have been more places and GPS'ed more roads than almost anyone on here, but never had the dedicated forum to post on. Good 4 you. :lol:


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
SilverhawkUSA wrote: Auke-

You have been more places and GPS'ed more roads than almost anyone on here, but never had the dedicated forum to post on. Good 4 you. :lol:
Yeah Silverhawk's right: You have been more places and GPS'ed more roads than almost anyone on here,. Perhaps we could rename it the Auke 4WD forum & you could overtake Captn Slash with trip reports in the future... :lol: :cry: :lol: :cry: :p
BTW I'm happy to help you 4WD guys & very happy to see you posting straight away.


Dec 26, 2012
As of December 2012

The unpaved section into Ban Wat chan was excellent and in some sections had seen a good deal of repairs (or preparation for hard surfacing).


No need for any fancy 4wd stuff here just striaght forward smooth driving into Ban Wat Chan where we stayed at the KarenHilltribe lodge which was quiet with very friendly people.


Next day we headed off for MHS on the classic backroad (Elephant trial). We used the GT rider maps and some articles from BKK post (now very old) which was ok for general information but the travel times are now well out. We left BWC at 10.00 am and arrived MHS 2.40 pm.

The roads are ok ours is a standard SUV Pajeor with A/T tyres and nowhere did we have any difficulties. The navigation was farily straight forward although leaving Huai Teng (first village)you keep straight on and up the initially unlikely track. Here we asked the way just to make sure and from then on had no problems (no GPS) just the map (two Thai speakers on board).

Stopped off at the school in Huai Poo Leoi and unloaded all the pencils, pens and books for the kids and then blasted on to the junction for Huai Poo Ling (did not go in) and then on to the charming village of Nong Khao. The road after this gets pretty steep in places but its all hard surface when necessary. By the way notice that Google earth has the villages named wrong. From Huai Hee to the top of the final decent was a little loose in places but never a problem. Around this section there was work going on to improve or maintain the track. The descent certainly looks like its being prepared for hard surfacing with lots of big machinery in this area. Stayed at Piya Guest House in MHS, excellent welcome.

For 4WD / SUV this is a really straight forward trip in the dry season , AT tires are not essential but give extra confidence to get on with the job. If you use th truack or car you won't have weight / space restrictions of the bike so why not load up with some supplies for the kids in the schools, its always appreciated.