bicycle underwear for us bikers?


Oct 2, 2008
The bicycle shorts have padding, but it's foam and can increase monkey butt syndrome. I tried and found them worse than just normal boxers.

What I wear to increase comfort and avoid monkey butt is MX Sport Shorts with molded chamois inserts, they really make your butt comfy for prolonged riding.

Here is a link to a typical one ... -titan.htm

Then the sweat wicking under shirts for any sport is great. If you don't want to use a jacket etc. the MX shirts are good, just add on say elbow protector or what level you want to take it to and go. They are loosely fitted and very comfy, they ventilate good and keep the sun away.

Please remember if you order from USA, do NOT ever use Fedex, select another shipper. Fedex will charge horrid amount in tax, USPS, UPS will not. For the same amount of value from same shop I paid 3000 baht in tax at the local post office when I mate paid 18,000,- Same value of goods but he used Fedex.

Cheers Bard


Jul 9, 2009
Agree with bard. As an avid cyclist as well as motorcyclist I would not even try to wear the shorts. They have a chamois that is suited to cycling on a small rail thin saddle (unless of course your motorcycle has one too???) for that reason it would be incredibly uncomfortable to ride in.

The shirt would be a good idea though. The wind stopper fabric can be found from a number of companies. I know North Face make a couple of products as well as a number of other outdoor companies.

Old trick from us cyclists, if you find yourself caught out one night far from home when the temperature dips, stop and buy a newspaper and stuff it (folded) down the front of your jacket. You will be surprised how much wind it will keep off your core.

I use Six Six One Evo Bomber shorts under my riding gear when I am riding my DRz. I never get any "monkey butt" problems and they definitely increase the comfort over the sparsely padded stock seat. ... ac4a2663aa

Good point about Fedex & tax. Best way is to try and find someone to "mule" them over for you in their luggage. That then only costs a couple of beers. ;-)




Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
I have used USPS for most of my orders including LT's huge wind shield and got no taxes at all.
I have been told, do not know if it's true but Fedex and UPS are going through more throw Customs inspection than normal potal service like USPS.

i have used USPS now last 3yrs with out lost any or paid any tax.

Edit: just remebered.. i have paid one time tax and it was around few hundreds of Baht's,no more than that.
I always when getting something i.e from States or in HKG if they can mail it with USPS and with out spec's (for me) BMW as then custom guys have spotted money, so far this has worked for me.
example my last order was 2 sets of brake pad's, i asked if they can put to custom form word PADS only and they agreed fr this, this was from Ebay.


Oct 12, 2005

I use the Windstopper fabric extensively in jackets, pants, and hats. They do a phenomenal job at blocking all wind, keeping you warm with little bulk, and at the same time porous enough to allow sweat molecules pass through the fabric and evaporate keeping you from drowning in sweat.

Having said that I do not use it here in southeast Asia as i prefer a bit of wind to penetrate my riding jackets and pants to keep my sweat at bay. I believe they would be too warm most of the year over here and the premium you pay for the fabric may not be offset by its qualities in the climate we ride in. However if you or your partner are prone to getting chilled when riding it would be a great piece of kit. Wearing WindStopper boxers and undershirts would most likely not be necessary unless you are doing a lot of riding in northern climes (northern laos) in the winter.

YMMV however.

If the dreaded Monkey Butt is a frequent visitor on your rides get your seat reshaped and widened to alleviate the pain. My dirt bike seats are widened almost 3 inches in the rear to alleviate this issue and it keeps me from having to wear undershorts that have me feeling like a women donned with her maximum absorbent menstrual pads when walking about off the bike. Seat cost to reshape and recover is about 350 baht here in Chiang Mai.

Best of luck and good job thinking outside the box.