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    Fuark Motocross Service.
    The # 1 place for reliable big bike service in Vientiane
    Fuark Motocross Service.
    T2 Road
    Ban Nakham

    +856 20 55521 661
    +856 20 54222 229
    +856 21 261 970
    Thai mobile: + 66 835 000245

    Fuark's shop is in a row of shophouses, on the T2 Road, between the Northern Bus Station & the Shell gas station, towards the airport side of town.

    I watched Fuark & the boys do a brief service on my bike and was impressed as they certainly seemed to know what they were doing.

    Fuark also organises the local off-road / moto-x rides on the weekends, and if you want to ride with the local guys (& they are good), then contact Fuark.

    Keep the power on
  2. Hi Davidfl,

    Thanks for the excellent info. I've got a buddy checking it out as I'm currently offshore Indonesia for another 3 weeks before returning to Vientiane.
    Looks like he could be the man to sort out a few of my problems with 2 of my bikes.

  3. My only bump to this thread is to avoid New Chip Xeng Honda (The main dealer) As I cannot explain how utterly useless, unhelpful and unwilling they are!

    I bought my bike from them (CRF 250 L) And took it back the next day as the headlight was pointing in to the sky to be told that you cannot adjust it by the first bloke and then another guy messed with it for two minutes but it was still completely out of aim! (Adjusted it myself in the end) On my brand new bike there was no grease/oil on the chain at all! And even after spending 180,000 Baht with them I never even got a thank you once! Took it back for the 1000 km Service where the valve clearances are supposed to be checked but they refused and then lied that they had checked them when I kept on about it. They also tightened the chain ridiculously tight! All they did during the service was over tighten the chain and change the engine oil.

    In future I shall be doing all my own servicing and work myself! I've heard mixed things about Fuarks so I will just do the work myself. If you have any other bike than a Honda wave or similar then don't get any work or servicing done on it here in Laos at all!!!!!
  4. In Luang Prabang
    Moto-Lao now have a small workshop for servicing bigger bikes
    They are set up for CRF250s, but if you have a bigger bike they have a qualified expat mechanic who can help.
    The workshop is clean & organised



    GPS: N19 53.063 E102 08.086
    150 metres from the Lao airlines office.
    Down a small lane
    Go down the lane & it is on the right- the big red sliding gate


    Your best contact is to go to the Moto-Lao bike rental office
    Motorcycle Rental in Laos

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