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    THe number one rental shop in Laos / Vientiane is
    Fuark Motocross Service.
    T2 Road
    Ban Nakham
    +856 20 55521 661
    +856 20 54222 229
    +856 21 261 970
    Thai mobile: + 66 835 000245
    Fuark's shop is in a row of shophouses, still on the T2 Road, between the Northern Bus Station & the Shell gas station.


    All the tour companies get their bikes from Fuark.
    He's da man

    Other shops are

    344 Samsenthai Rd
    Tel: (856-21) 214444
    Mobile: 020 5515655 & 020 5654533.

    Note country code = 856
    Area code for Vientiane = 21

    They have 10+ Honda XR 250 Bajas, some with big fuel tanks.
    Prices range from US$15 - US$20. 15 bucks a day is a for a week's rental, & 20 bucks a day for a day.

    UPDATE JULY 2006
    PVO now have a 2nd shop down on the river front.
    Down south in Pakxe, the Lane Kham hotel has 3 Honda XR250s for rent at US$20 a day.
    The bikes looked to be in good nick when I was there a few days ago.

    Keep the power on
  3. Found another rental shop in Vte.
    Name: KT
    Mobile: 020 550 7770 & 020 5614201. (No English spoken = good luck when you ring.)
    on Setha Thirat road, just a couple of hundred metres up from the Kopchaideu Pub.
    They claim to have 7 Honda XR250 Bajas for US$20 a day. Bike condition did not appear to be so great, but if you cant get anything at PVO, then give KT a go.

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  4. Found yet another small rental shop in Vientiane.

    opposite the Kopchaideu.
    Tel 021 215390 & 020 5400 373
    Bikes: mainly Chinese Honda Waves / Dreams, but a few ratty looking 250 Honda Bajas.
    Comments: Probably good as the last resort.

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  5. I checked this shop out as well. When I visited there was no English and as far as I could tell they said they had 2 250 Bajas plus the other scooter stuff.

  6. DaveFl thanks for keping a great website up to date ,its this info that makes planning a trip easyer to do , Regards
    Scott..Land of Oz
  7. PVO have a new outlet nearly opposite the Lane Xang Hotel on Fa Ngum Road (along the river).

  8. This is perfect! Thanks for this's practically everything I need to know. Does PVO or any other place there sell the Laos Guide Map by any chance?

    Such a small world - we have a friend who sent us a photo of herself at the Khone Phapeng falls and she is standing at the exact same spot as Davidfl in his photo!
  9. Rusty, that was David Fl, the photo had some air work done, you can tell the differace buy the calves, mate we've all made the same mistake at soi 1-99, an those pole dancers, Mate!!Scott
  10. I just rented a 2002 Baja from Fuark for a week. My mate rented a 2004 model for 8 weeks. I do not want to comment on the quality of other shops (especially seeing as I only saw a few other bikes), but Fuark's bikes were top notch. New rubber, everything in fantastic working order. He is a good guy as well, and into his bikes. I would check out what he has before you hire another bike. As I understand it, some/all of the bikes at Green Discovery are Fuarks, so check them out also - might just be a little more expensive - good though if you want to drop the bike off at a Green Discovery shop out of VTE.
  11. I rented my bike from SB all I can say is that it was cheap

    - 2 punctures
    - fuel guage didnt work
    - seat seemed to have lost its padding after 20 minutes (and we did 800 kms on it)
    - wing mirror wouldn't stay tighened
    - headlight not fixed properly, so every bump, headlight would hinge up, luckily we didnt travel at night

    as they say...... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

    If I had paid the extra for a better bike, would have enjoyed the journey a lot better. (Mind you we still enjoyed the trip)
  12. In Vientiane
    Boualian Services
    346 Samsenthai Rd
    Tel: +856219219649. +8560202211221.
    Has 19 Honda / Suzuki Scooters for rent
    Cost US$7 a day.
  13. KT Motorcycle has moved, but they now also provide a one-way service with their own long tray 6 wheel truck for transporting groups of bikes.
    KT has 10 x Bajas @ US$20 a day.
    15 x Honda Waves @ US$8 a day
    15 x Suzuki Smash @ US$7 a day

    Above: the new KT Shop.

    KT's new shop Telephone: 0205816816. 0206669669. 0205405407.
    KT also has a "bike booth" down on the river foreshore
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  15. Davidfl, thank you so very much for the advice help and research you done, I really appreciate it. Ed
  16. Partly because of the good credentials on this website we rented two Honda 250’s from Mr. Fuark. Well, I feel sorry to say that we were disappointed, by the bikes and especially by Mr. Fuark’s and Green Discovery Laos business approach.

    I had to test drive all 4 bikes available at that moment before I finally could pick 2 that were acceptable. That means, engines and brakes OK but still bent front forks and no so well working rear brakes. But OK, one guy we met told us the bikes at PVO were in worse condition so there were not a lot of alternatives. And bad roadholding prevents you from driving too fast on Lao roads.

    We arranged to leave the bikes with Green Discovery Laos in Luang Prabang. Suddenly they wanted $45 per bike for the drop off instead of $40. Reluctanltly we swallowed that. When bringing the bikes back it also seemed that the guy was really looking for damages where he could charge us extra for. After requesting him several times he was finally prepared to sign a form in which he stated that the drop fee was paid and that we handed the bikes in without damages and in time. When collecting our passports in Vientane Mr. Fuarks’ wife said that we had brought back the bikes too late (which we handed even before the arranged time) and that she wanted an extra day of rent per bike (so $58 in total). After 1,5 hours of haggling she finally gave us our passports after we paid her $10. And were just in time for the Lao-Thai border crossing.

    I realize this is part of Laos folklore (despite I did not have similar experiences in shops, markets etc. and travelled a lot in Asia) I but I feel that when Mr. Fuark charges Western prizes for old bangers (one week of rental fee is one Lao monthly salary) his bikes and service should adapt to Western level too. In my opinion this is just ripping off people, even to Lao standards. On the same trip I rented bikes in Thailand at two places. and had different (much better) experiences there.

    Driving a motorbike in Laos? Yes, definitely again but Mr. Fuark definitely does not get my business anymore. Despite the longer distance I will rent a bike in Chang Mai or Chang Rai and drive into Laos from there. Or consider the German guy from Tiger Trails in Luang Prabang who rents out Minsk bikes (despite a Minsk is not my first bike of choice).
  17. In the beginning of the post someone said that "Lane Kham hotel has 3 Honda XR250s for rent " it's 4 years old now,so,do you think it is still possible?

  18. I went to PVO today and they announce me 30$ a day :(
    Last year I paid 22$/day!
  19. just took 2 bajas there, they asked for $30 also , I smiled and was polite and we finally settled on $22. Just be patient and polite when trying to bargin, it usually works.
  20. Polite and ...of course! :roll:
    Anyway no more Baja for me after I hired a TTR and a fabulous WR. 8)
  21. For those looking to arrive in Luang Prabang and hire a bike to ride the mountain parts of route 13, you will need to organise something before you get there.

    I arrived thinking that I could sort this out for a cheeky day on route 13, but the only bikes for rent in Luang Prabang are the Honda Dream scooters (or similar). They are also overpriced. I paid 120,000 kip ($15) for one day (morning to afternoon not even 24 hours) and that was the cheapest place I could find in town. And I asked everywhere.

    It was still awesome, but would have been so much better on a proper manual bike with some more guts.

    Sort it out prior or you will end up like me:


  22. There is a new shop for bike rental in Thakek near the Mekong River. When I m back home I send the adress an some pictures. Some brand new Honda 250 ccm Off Road Bikes. Friendly owner......
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    in Luang Prabang now has a motorcycle rental service
    CRF 250s & scooters


    GPS: N19 53.245 E102 07.884
    Chao Fa Ngum Rd.
    250 metres west of the post office / 200 metres west of Joma Bakery.

    CRF250 rental is US$50 for one day / less for multiple days.

    More info coming
    meanwhile contact Moto-Lao
    MOTOLAO | Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.

    Start & finish in the mountains where all the action is.
  24. In Phonsavan the guys at Lao Farang restaurant have some scooters & a couple of Chinese 150s for rent


  25. In Tha Khek try Mad Monkey motorcycle rental


    website: Mad Monkey Motorbike

    A collection of automatic scooters, some CRF250s & Kawasaki KLX125

    Run by German DC & his Lao wife Bing.

    Phone contact: 020-2347-779

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