Big bikes up the highlands of penang...the unseen side...awesome greenery

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  1. was taken facing the other side of Penang...overlooking Indonesia...thru the farmers comes 2 KLRs, V strom 1K, Versys , CRF and Ninja 250
  2. Some super views alright + some lush greenery - it's great to be alive & out riding.
  3. just wondering how many years before high rise n concrete jungle starts popping out....the other side is concrete jungle now...
  4. Ha! My hometown! Didn't know there was a path up to where you guys went.
    Nice photos.
  5. yap.i m in penang too n sometimes whats near us we dont know but far away we do...funny isn't it. well penang has many more unseen places waiting to be explored by riders. now looking for UNSEEN PENANG 3....(1 and 2 aldi in the forum)
  6. tehsk30
    May be you can take me around when I head back to Pg next time.
    I thought i hv already covered most of the undicovered/unseen Pg during my younger days but it seems that I am totally wrong!
    Have already settled down in KL for 20years & still miss the Old-Slow-Paced Pg that is still pretty fresh in memory.
  7. drop me a line when u r in penang.:)

  8. nice ride welcome to penag

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