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  1. bigbikecycles

    Anyone have experience with these guys the prices are good and they can order the 1300 V-Star and get the book for 75K

    Compared to udon a good deal
  2. Hi Ray, is that the name of the shop ( bigbikecycles) I must admit that i have never heard of them before but i can ask some friends and i will get back to you. How much do they want for a Vstar 1300?

  3. I can't remember the exact numbers but it was about 150K less then here with the book.

    This is one of those that you can't get fom Yamaha which would be the best thing such are life :lol:
  4. Hi Ray, i am sorry but i can not find any info about that shop but if it is that much cheaper i would go for it. Do not belive every thing you read about the books, i got mine without any problems.

  5. Thanks Bob, I have time the bike I have ha a book, so I know it can be done. Rather do it through Yamaha, so I will wait a bit and see if they get approval for something along the V-star line.

    I appreciate your help thank you
  6. No problem Ray.

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