Bike broke down near Trang Thailand, need help

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  1. kohss

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    Does anyone have recommendation of bike servicing/tow contact in Trang, Thailand?

    I'm in Pak Meng Beach, Thailand and my bike broke down. I suspect my rectifier is spoiled. No way I can find a shop that service my Honda Shadow 400 around where I stay. (met a local who is so kind to send me to Trang on his bike, which is nearest biggest town around and is abt 50km away to buy battery, but after starting the bike and running for a while, it died again)

    I'm kinda stuck here for now... need help. May have to ask the local (tough too cos not many speak english) to help me find transport to tow my bike to Trang, though such bikes are uncommon in Trang, let alone servicing/replacing damaged part.

    If, worst scenario, can't be serviced, how to I bring it back to Singapore?

    Thanks a million!

    k[email protected][url=""]yahoo[/url].com
    +65 96854859
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  3. mudboots

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    You could try asking a guy with a pick up truck to drive you and the bike to where you want to go, i have found for the right anount of money anything is possible we hired a guy to take our honda and a load of stuff from Hua Hin th Bangkok i road with him cost 1.500 B
  4. kohss

    kohss New Member

    Thanks. Will ask around :)
  5. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Hi Kohss,

    Sorry for your troubles.

    It would not be too difficult to get your bike transported to Hat Yai. They have some big bikes around Hat Yai and Songkla so you should be able to find a shop there.
    And more people speak English there.
    In the worst case at least you will be on the main railway line to the South.
    Good luck.
  6. kohss

    kohss New Member

    Thks Dougal for the tip

    The locals here are amazing! They genuinely helped without expecting anything in return. I managed to get my bike to Trang, and had it checked. Seems for now that the battery is a faulty one. Replaced and checked if it's charging... no fault.

    Managed to travel a distance... all's good... for now.

    Thanks all again for the input, is always comforting to know someone's out there willing to advice.

  7. DaRider

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    Good to hear you got sorted.

    Have a good ride!
  8. mudboots

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    Good to here you got yourself sorted and where you wanted to go good luck with the rest of your trip :thumbup:

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