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  1. Hi, anybody going up tp Udon Thani next week?
    If i am right, on the 24th there is some bikeevent.
  2. Info from a recent e-mail that I received:

    > I was just in Udon and the riders up there are
    > diligently preparing for the first annual Udon
    > Bikeweek Jan. 27 & 28th. 27th will be low-key, not
    > much happening. 28th is a riding day. Bikes will
    > meet at the Seri Center Market (Udon central park
    > where the festivals are held) and ride north toward
    > Nongkai. About 35km north, the sportbikes will peel
    > off west toward Si Chiangmai on the Mekong, while
    > the cruisers & choppers continue north to Nongkai bridge
    > and cross into Lao. All return to Udon for the
    > evening's big party and concert by notoriously good
    > rock band Hin Lek Phai.
    > Registration is B350 and includes food, T-shirt
    > and Bikeweek shoulder patch.


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  3. HI Bob, thank you for this information!
    Any bikers going to this festival??
  4. I may go up there for the weekend, although surprised they have a separate ride for sports bikes. I didn't know there were any sports bikes up there. Normally in the country its all chopper / HD stuff.
  5. You see quite a few large sports bikes on the road around Udon. There is also at least one shop selling them there as well.

  6. Yes indeed there are, and peter, if you come with a sportbike you,re not alone, i will be there also with my Yamaha.
    See you in Udon!
  7. Rene, I will be there for sure. I will be easy to find.Look for: 2003 Yamaha R1. With Ohlins rear,Ohlins S Damper,Promech Rear sets, Slipper clutch,Creations CF protection,Newton Race fuel filler,Termigoni Moto GP Titanium exhaust system. And a CRAP RIDER
  8. Pete, yea we can all see the slipper cluch, I thought that was a dance move in C/Mai[:D]
  9. No yr thinking of the old dance routine "slip it in her crutch" different thing altogether.
  10. As forecast I attended the Udon bike week the number of participants surprised me, saw quite a number of bikes coming up from BKK and of course surrounding area's. The Loei "gang" were there led by the amiable Bob on his Valkarie. I had the pleasure of meeting Rene and Miles, both from CM area. The ride was a bit, ordinary, but they all are. When you get a couple of hundred bikes from 150 cc Phantoms to 1000 cc sport bikes, its going to be a bit of a mess anyway. The social activities seemed to be well run. While like most other events it could easily be improved with hindsight, I think The whole thing was a credit to the organisers. The number of attendees assures the UD Bike weekend a place in the event calender.
  11. Rene / Peter
    Glad you had a good time.
    How was the ride over from Cnx, Rene?
    Anyone got any photos to post - need something other than an Africa Twin parked beside the road too I reckon?

    Keep The Power On
  12. David, the ride to Chiangrai taked about 10 hours with 4 breaks.
    The road was good, i went also to the Sirkit Dam ( Nam Pat), and from there over to Uttaradit, the road has many great corners.
    About the Bikeweekend in Udon: my idea is that nezt year the organisers should do better there work, the ride was not organised, many of the bikers didn,t know where to go, and some of them went back to Udon on there own.Unfortunately, because like Peter says, there a lot of bikes.Anyway it was pleasant to meet some people though.

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