Bike freight cost from Europe?..

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by gobs, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Hi all!

    Sometimes I think to make coming here in CNX my "old girlie" BMW R/90 which is borrying and missing me (as I miss her...) somewhere in a garage in France...
    Anybody knows, more or less, the cost of a freight by boat from Europe?
    And what about import taxes at the custom?

    I try to use the search engine, but find no proper answer...

    And happy new year to all!
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  4. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Salut Camarade,

    If you want to import your bike like I did 1 year and a half ago for my DUCATI from Italy to Thailand, try this address in THailand:

    SDV Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd

    75/71 Richmond Building 19fl
    Sukhumvit 26 Road
    Klongton Klongtoey
    Bangkok 10110 Thailand
    Tel.: +6622611920

    If the guy is still ther, ask for Julien CORRUBLE, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] +66894783515

    A perfect service but only shipping and custom clearance, for the rest plate and registration, you'll have to do yourself.

    This is a French Company part of BOLLORE Group, very serious and efficient, I did several import from Europe to Thailand (and reverse) through them.

    If you like, you can phone me and will give you more details @ +66871024826.

    Anyway as already described at many times by me and Friends on the forum, it's a big headhacke that I would disadvise to Friends....
  5. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer


    Will your old girl run on Gasahol? Maybe pure 91 will always be available but I would hate you to spend all the time and effort only to find she doesn't like it.
  6. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    From Germany to BKK I paid in January 2007 about 1,60€ per kilo + about 200€ fees for dangerous goods etc.
    So you can calculate by yourself. At least in Germany it's hard to find a freight forwarder, who is willing to do such a transport for private guys.
    Seafreight isn't necessarily cheaper, as you have to pay a lot of handling charges and so on.
    Good luck!

  7. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Thanks for all guys!

    Pico-Pico: excellent link you gave me!

    Harry, the price I suppose for air-freight?.. Custom clearance and registration, a dream or a nightmare?

    Camarade Azoulay, is it such a nightmare to register his own imported bike? What happened with your Ducati?

    May pen ray Mikerust... Let it be, I miss her too much!
  8. Harry

    Harry Active Member

    Yes, given price was for airfreight in 2007. Custom clearance was a bit of trouble, because I didn't know who is a customs officer or just somebody who's holding his hand up for money. Finally somebody from the freight company did this work - and charged me about 5000 bath..... :cry:
  9. Noel Akers

    Noel Akers Ol'Timer

    Last weeks Phuket Gazette has ad. " we can ship your bigbike from anywhere to Thailand and registration ".
    The company is Teeramotorcycles.
    Contact Alex 081 805 3010.

    249 New Uruphong Corner, Rama 1 rd , Rongmuang, Pathumwan, BKK
    Tel: 662 2140399, 662 6138599. Fax 662 6138600.

    There is also a Phuket contact:
    107/ 39-40 Moo 5, Chalermphakieat Ror 9 , T. Rasada A. Muang, Phuket.
    Tel; 086 4704978 Fax 076 526078.

    I haven't had any dealings with the company, hope its useful to someone.
  10. martins

    martins Thai tourer

    Hi all,

    Just want to mention that I succeded to handle the Bangkok custom myself without problem and without other cost that a couple of hundred bahts. I shipped the bike from Sweden and used a Swedish shipping company, they had the contacts with the recieving transporter in BKK
    was the firm Conterm, very nice people.

    The bike transport took 6 weeks and cost me appx 250 Euro. I arrived five days after the bike with flight and it took me 3-4 hours to get it out on the street. Everubody was extremely helpful.
  11. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends, Hi Gobs,

    Apologise for late answer but just to confirm that in 2006 I did import my bike by myself and thanks to the help of my Thai family in law.

    I succeeded the operation, but as already described it was really a nightmare I would not like to do it again. Procedure is simple and well establish but it's too much harassing in a country where I do not understand fully the language and specially the administrative paper issues. I miss to be able to read all the papers...

    Anyway, for a lot of good reasons if I would buy a bike for Thailand again, for sure I will do it through a local dealer.

    Brand new bike or second hand, I would go through a local dealer such as the very serious and reliable RED BARON in Bangkok (specialised in Japanese bikes) after sale is of a edge quality and people are skilled and friendly.

    I bought a SUZUKI 400 DRZ there and I am very satisfy on the way the handle it (green book, plate, guarantee and service...)

    At present, most brand are present in LOS, and prices are all together the same (or lower) in shops than to do it private
  12. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Hi friends,

    Thanks for the inputs...

    I understand what you mean, camarade Azoulay, but the bike I would like to make coming here is a classic BMW R90 from the year 1974 I own in France. "She" is not mint, for sure, but in very good condition (only 46000 km, original engine, body and painting) and I miss "her"...
    I guess any dealer can't order it anywhere :lol:
    For other part, brand new bikes are not my things. Ok, they are fantastic! Nowadays technologies, machinings and designs, that's a lot. But for me it's too nice, too "all is obviously OK" and nothing other to do than ride... I truly like to fix, adjust and do this or do that... Well put the hands in the grease and spend my some time in and around!

    Hello Martins! Have you imported your bike in LOS for some holiday rides, or are you going to register it here further? Maybe the things are not the same at the time of custom clearance... I don't know...
    By the way I'm very surprised about the cost of the shipping: 250 Euros! It's not expensive at all... Please, can you give here some more details about the shipping "circumstances": your bike travelled ROR ROR, or in a container, or partly dismanteled in a wood case, or else?.. What were the services added from the company: some custom clearance help, some duty about taxes or more or less?..

    Sometimes, about my BMW R90, I think "mai pen rai", let's play with what we can find here... But some hours later, remembering some good trips or some worrying fixing with "her", I really miss "her" :?
    Dunno what to do or what to decide with this...

    One more time, thanks to all, friends!
  13. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    not long ago there was 2 BMW 900 same as yours for sale in Pattaya for 200,000 each
  14. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the input Monsterman.

    Wow, I'm very surprised! True, it always happens something in Pattaya!
    I never saw a lot of these BMW, 5 or 6 series (end of the 60s to the beginning of the 70s). But I remember some (2 or 3) in BKK..

    200000 Bahts, it's the average price for these models in Europe. So you give me some good idea: why not sell mine there :cry: and buy one here :D Mmmmmh...

    If you know, Monsterman, for this price, were they rego?

  15. martins

    martins Thai tourer

    Hi all,
    Sorry for lat reply but I'm still traveling and don't do Internet access that much. But now I'm in Udon Ratchatani waiting for new rear tire to my transalp so I got som time before reenter Laos.

    Yes, the price suprised me to but I bought 2 m3 out of a container and got fixed price per m3 thats appx 125 Euro. I did all the packing myself with Hondas original metal packing for new deliveries and wrapped it all up with thick paper (wellpapp?). I had to emty the tank and disconnect the battery. I got room for all my 3 bags (side and top) as well.

    I believe the custom change attitude over years, today they are very helpful but the freight company are not as the loose an great income for a couple of hours of work. Another thing is that you are no longer forced to put up a bank guarantee for temporary import. The regulations state that you can put yourself as guarantee, which mean you are not allowed to leave Thailand without the bike (or payment).

    Here is what I did:

    1. Ask the shipper for the container price per m3 and give them a ready package just to put in the container.

    2. Go to the recieving shipping company and get the shipping papers to show the customs (they will take some minor fee for doing this)

    3 Go to the customs and apply for a temporary import permission.
    No costs. You will need passport with VISA, registration papers, engine nr, reciept for paid bike and your International drivers license. You willl got maximum 30 days, it can be renewed. Maximum fee for overdue is 2000 Baht.

    4. Go to the warehouse with your packet and ask the custom to inspect the items (numbers etc.). You need to pay for the storage since arrivel. Appx. 100 Baht per day.

    Don't forget that you shall have the import permission in original with you, I missed it and it took me a lot of efforts to get it after. Whitout this you can't leave the country.

    Thats all!, actually the same procedure takes place when you cross a border. In my case to and from Laos.

  16. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Thanks Martins for your answer, but I'm now settled here in Chiang Mai, so I have to import my old bike from Europe AND register it here... Everyone says that's very much money and a true nightmare!
    Yes 125 Euros for 1 m3, it's not expensive at all. Thanks for the advice...

    And have a nice trip in Laos and around there!

  17. Biggus

    Biggus Member

    Does anyone have other experiences with self guaranteeing the "White Paper" (Temporary Import Doc.) and leaving Thailand WITHOUT your bike?

    Is there anything that is entered onto the Immigration computer system that identifies you as a Temporary Importer of a motorcycle?

  18. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Does anyone have other experiences with self guaranteeing the "White Paper" (Temporary Import Doc.) and leaving Thailand WITHOUT your bike?

    Is there anything that is entered onto the Immigration computer system that identifies you as a Temporary Importer of a motorcycle?

    Sorry just stumbled across this one again.
    No, I don't think there appears to be any "co-operation" between the Customs & Immigration computers.
    Immigration have their system & Customs have theirs.
    The only mention immigration will have of your bike is the "mode of entry" on your TM6 card, plus a TM2 & TM4 should you fill one out on arrival. I have known guys to ride in, leave the bike & fly out for a break, with no questions asked at the airport when leaving.
    However it could get quite messy & expensive if & when it catches up to you.

    Two days ago in Cnx I met a couple of RTW bikers (Helen & Clemente) who were stopped at a checkpoint by traffic police in Chiang Mai & asked for their temporary import papers. They had them of course, but wow, is that a scary sign of the times ahead!
  19. Meridian007

    Meridian007 Active Member

    Just a warning, if you do a search on Teera, you'll find many stories of forged paperwork, bait and switch sales, and other nasty things. They have some nice bikes, but if they use the same moral compass for importing your bike as they do for selling or support of sales, I'd say watch out!

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