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  1. Hi there. I'm thinking of buying a bike here in laos to go to Cambodia and maybe onto Vietnam. I am woefully ignorant about border crossings, import/export papers and all of that kind of thing. Any advice/info?
  2. Dont like your chances getting much in Laos, but maybe Jimoi knows or has something

    But for general info please start here
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  3. We crossed into Cambodia from Southern Laos, it was hard to find the correct road at the time due to road works, found the river crossing crossing first, which is no good for vehicles, ended up going back, then down a poorly made dirt track then there was the Laos and Cambodian crossing points, 50 metres south was a double lane bitumen road, confused them with Aussie rego and was told to check in at the next town, damn, forgot! If it's a bike larger than 175cc forget Vietnam!
  4. If you read my story about "update of Vietnam border crossing" you can find out about the Stung Treng Border crossing as well as that it is now impossible even under 175 cc to go to Vietnam without a permission from the border areas police chief which must be certified in Hanoi


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