Bike Hire In Pakse?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by Dave1212, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Dave1212

    Dave1212 New Member

    Anyone have any info on hiring bikes (not scooter) in Pakse? I know an option would be to get a bike sent down from Vientiane but was hoping to avoid that.
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  3. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

  4. jerome

    jerome Active Member

    yes, Lankham hotel will be the place to rent a bike,but better have them shipped from Ventiane for better quality!
  5. Dave1212

    Dave1212 New Member

    Thanks mate, appreciate it!
  6. jimoi

    jimoi Ol'Timer

  7. Dave1212

    Dave1212 New Member

    Cheers mate, will get back to you if our trip gets off the ground. Checked out your site, good range of bikes!
  8. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

    I hired the XR250 from langkam hotel last year, the head bearings were shot and it was dangerous to ride
    I took it back next day,their mechanic said it was fine.
    they probably still haven't fixed it.

    I rented from jimoi a couple of times, no problems at all

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