bike KLX250 just arrived. could use some help identifying certain parts ...


Nov 12, 2011
My KLX 250 (second-hand, carburated) just arrived here in Krabi. I have read that these bikes are choked down from the factory with smog equipment, and I would like to remove that stuff (if the previous owner hasnt already).

My past experience (in Europe) has been strictly on two-stroke mx bikes, which had A LOT LESS hoses and equipment on them. Who can help identifying these components which I never saw on my 2 strokers :

Image below : Who can tell me what this electrical-looking box is, which appears to have an adjusting knob attached to it. What will I be adjusting if I turn this knob ?[user]=96971345&filters[recent]=1&filters[publicOnly]=1&sort=1&o=11[IMG]

Image below : two unidentified "protrusions" coming out of the cylinder head, which appear to have been blocked off using screws. Is this stock ?

Image below : are any of these smog-related hoses ? I can see the coolant hoses, the other hoses I cannot identify. Particularly the big hose, which as you can see appears to have been cut and then put together again using electric tape and a zip tie. What is this hose, and can I delete it ?

thanks for any and all help !
The bike came with handguards which i will be selling off, and I had lowering links installed because these bikes are so damn high, i will put up a separate thread about that. might be useful for other riders under 6 feet tall.