Bike Lights...Have you seen the Lights ???

May 25, 2006
Hi, Friends,

Even if I know that it's preferable to avoid night rides in Thailand, due to the high danger of it, today, I would like to post about a growing topic, at least in Europe that I would like to share with you: Bike new type lights.

At present we see flowerishing a lot of new replacement kits for our bike lights such as Xenon HID and LED lights.

From what it was considered as a luxury accessory and costfull parts (it was some 2 years ago), it seems now to democratise and fails to more reasonable and affordable costs.

My question, are you aware of it in Thailand ?
I saw during my last stay, in summer, some shops displaying such kits but it was still confidential distribution and at high prices.

On my side I have equiped the front lights of my scooter (PIAGGIO MP3) as well that my HARLEY DAVISON Fat Boy with it, since two weeks and I am amazed how powerfull and confortable it is for night driving.

Since 2/3 years some bike part shop are proposing replacement LED lights for rear and turn lights, they could be all in one (rear light, stop light and direction lights) or separate.

Are you aware of it, does some Friends did test it already in Thailand, what are the price level now ?

For instance a HID front light has droped in Europe to 75 Euros for the full kit with bulb, wiring and ballast (around 3750 TBH).

For the time being and according to my home experiments, I really want to apply it the DUCATI and why not the off road bike in Thailand, what do you think ?
Aug 7, 2003
Tried a HID on the XR it shook apart on one trip. A friend bought a HID for his Harley in Korat, B3000. If interested in the best offroad HID lights look at Lightforce HID240 from Australia, used by Baja desert trucks.(Not cheap).

Rheikel mentioned in his posts about cheap HID's in China, maybe he can remember the brand/costs?