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  1. Hi Guys

    im early back home from CM bike week but as it has been talked here many times and seems like it's constantly required here is one fantastic link for many bike manuals for most of the types.

    how ever not lates models but might help some one with older models and specially no need to order manual from pay sites.

    just click and download your manual..easy dos it..
  2. I got the engine repair manual for a KTM 250-525 sx mxc exc (2003 but covers many years) That wasn't easy to find!

    Parts manual for 2007 450 exc.

    Bunch of other stuff for KTM, forks, shock etc,

    BMW F650 GS and Dakar workshop manual.

    If anyone wants copies let me know (will have to run to internet cafe as they are big)

    All on PDF
  3. ^^ Pity the W650 manual is in German...
  4. Matey

    So sorry

    But all manuals in that side are in original language,,,cant help it. but i hope it help u at leats some.

    in the other hand, pictures migh help in some part

    Edit: i'm still looking english manuals from russian pages, as soon i find, wil post here.
  5. No need to apologise, it is a great link.

    I can buy a w650 manual on ebay for 25 bucks...
  6. Guys,

    Here is another page with manuals.

    Link removed

  7. Tom

    Fantastic link,,,now i think almost all the models are coverd
  8. Just re-freshing this page so people who are looking for Bike Manuas & wirering manuals,, here might be you change to find it out, all with out registration and all free

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