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Discussion in 'Technical' started by samsonnnzl, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. hello everybody i just drive in to BKK i drove my honda afrika twin from my home belgium to BKK it was a big adventure but now i need a new front sprocet to go on to australia . now the question is. where can i get it and what is the fastest way to get it . i now it is 2 weeks when i order it from japan . i ask the red baron already . maybe somebody has one .

    so thanks for the reply in advance . DIRK
  2. Hi Dirk,

    Contact user merkamouse via PM. Failing that you can get them likely from Singapore. See here: ... t3180.html

    I have ridden my DR650 in from Europe. Will be staying in Ayutthaya until early November to prepare for the rest of our trip. Looks like there could be two or more bike travellers heading this way next week. I think we should have a bike travellers meeting here. It's a nice enough place.

  3. Hi Dirk

    If you're riding to Malaysia (provided that your chain & spockets can endure the trip), then I'm sure bike shops in Penang , KL or Ipoh (where I'm staying) should have them.

    I've changed mine (AT RD07) this July in my hometown (Ipoh) and it's quite cheap.

    Alternatively you may check with Mr Chan of M-Technik , S'pore @

    Good luck to your journey.
  4. thanks for the swift reply . the idea Thad i can get them in Penang sounds good . i should be able to drive to there whit the sprocket .
    the idea for the meeting sounds nice . i will be here for a few more weeks so everything is possible . from tadjikistan i traveld together whit Robbo also on a africa twin . he wil be here in a fuw days so a meeting can be nice . maybe see you soon . greats Dirk
    ps: shoo you before on the horizon unlimited .
  5. Dirk try JT sprockets they are made in Thailand your front should be JTF314-16 that presumes your africa twin is newer than 1990.

    i will check stock for you if you want.
  6. thanks for the effort . but it is solvd . a friend brings them to pennang . he fond them at mr technic in singapore

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