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  1. For the first time in four years of riding in Northern Thailand, I got stopped at a checkpoint north of Mae Rim. It was a bit comic at first as the cop asked me if I had a "driving lesson." I said, yeah, I've had them. Then he asked me again for a driving lesson and I thought he wanted to give me one right there. Er.... okay..... You can..... Finally realized he meant driving "license" so out comes my Thai car and motorcycle licenses. Then he taps on my bike registration label and asks to see the actual book. (At this point he realizes I understand a bit of Thai so he cut the English!) I didn't have any further registration book, not even a copy but he let me go after a few minutes of chit chat. Do most of you out there carry the actual registration book or a copy?
  2. I think that by law you are supposed to have these - the "book / rego / insurance" - with the vehicle at all times. But in practice I suspect that as a "dumb farang" a photocopy will do the trick. I carry a laminated photocopy of my (expired) ITP & bike rego on the bike at all times( = I'm a dumb farang). This generally closes the door for touch ups if the BIB are in the mood.
  3. Thanks David.. All that makes sense. I know the prior owner of my bike kept the book under the seat all the time based on its condition.

    On a side note, took the Samoung Road back into town and it is so lush and green this year. Event horizon on the Mae Sa side is pretty short with all the growth so watch out for pickup trucks borrowing your lane in the turns. Great time to ride it, and the new chip seal and striping on parts of it is nice too.
  4. Another dump question? My insurance expired end of November, I guess the Tax sticker as well. I'm back in Thailand next week. Does it take a long time until you get the new tax sticker, and where to get it? The bike is registrated in Chiang Rai province. When I remember well, they hand it only out if you have a valid insurance, right?
  5. As long as you have the Green book, you can go to any of the vehicle licence offices, I do not know where this is in Chiang Rai, in Chiang Mai it is near the Holiday Inn Hotel on the old Lamphun Road, but you can visit the one in the town nearest to you, it does not have to be Chiang Rai. You get the insurance first, at the same site but different office, then the tax disk. They are issued immediately, you may have to queue for a short while, but most of the offices have a drive through section, and the queue is usually only a few minutes. If the bike is only 1 year old, it is likely that they do not expire at the same time, because the insurance is issued when you take delivery, but the tax disk is later, sometimes 2 or more months, so will run out later. If the bike is older, maybe the dates have been brought together as often people do not notice the insurance runs out and so wait until the tax is finished and then renew together.
  6. Thanks for the info,

    Seems easy enough. As I arrive on Sunday, I'll have to check if there is a licence office in Chiang Sean on Monday, otherwise I'll try the office in Mae Sai, or Mae Chan.
  7. Below is the website of the Chiang Rai DLT, Department of Land Transport. It is in Thai, but maybe you can ask a Thai speaking friend to check the address of the offices in the province.

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