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  1. Hi guys, need some advice. I am back to tour Laos and Cambodia again. A friend stored my bike for the past four years for me, I took it to the dealer had it tuned up and gone over getting it ready for my trip. Here is my problem, since it hasn't been registered in the past four years, I took it to the local inspection and registration place here in Chiang Mai, it passed and I got new insurance but they said I needed new tags etc. OK, I get that and was prepared to pay or do whatever to get the tags but they tell me they can't issue a tag unless I am a resident. Is there a way around this? Also, if I drove the bike to the border with Laos without getting the new tags etc. and it does not have a current registration will I still be able to cross over into Laos? Not sure what I should do but hope someone on this forum can advise me some plan of action.
  2. oh dear it sounds like you're gonna have to go through the whole process again with immigration & your residency address.
    BTW you could ask Nat at Piston shop if he could help.
    Otherwise if the bike rego has expired I dont believe you will get out of the country - the bike must be legal with valid rego.
  3. Thanks David. Could you send me Nat's info so I can contact him?
  4. I had a bike that was off the road for more than 4 years. Yes, I could not then tax it. That is the law. I had to apply for a new registration book and new number plate. I had the old registration book so took that to the provincial transport office and got a new registration book and new number plate. However, the bike has always been in my wife's name. So, I don't know about the resident requirement. You won't be able to ride the bike over the border legally without current registration and tax up to date. I would have thought that you would only need the same residentiall address letter for getting the new registration as you would need for a new bike in your name. Best to ask at the provincial transport office though.
  5. Thanks David!
  6. Thanks!

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