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  1. Can anyone recommend, or know of, a Bike Rental Shop in Bangkok - am looking for a Versys, or something similar, for about 10 days this month for a trip down to Chumpon.

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    I've never rented from him, but I have a couple of mates who have and they've only had good things to say about BangkokBikesRental.

    There are a couple of other outfits in Bangkok, one is called SiamWheels and they operate with a point system that I don't really understand. The other rental shop's name eludes me at the moment.

    Happy Trails!

  3. Many thanks for the help guys! I went with Bangkok Bike Rental as suggested.

    The Versys' are all booked for the dates I wanted but they did set me up with an ER6n.
  4. I and my wife will have a trip to Thailand from 17 to 24 this June. Hopefully I can reserve about 03days to explore Thailand with a rental street or touring bike.
    Should I bring with my own riding gears or they all available with the bikes?
  5. Depends a lot on where you plan to rent the bike. I believe BBR in Bangkok does have some gear available, but you should probably call them and check to be sure. I hear that Mr Mechanic in Chiang Mai has gear available for rent.

    Personally, if you already have decent gear I'd suggest bringing your own. Would suck to arrive and find out that the gear available doesn't fit properly and then have to pay a lot for overpriced imported kit.

    Just my two cents :)
  6. Will do as advised TonyBKK. I will arrive BKK on 17June and work there for 3-4 days and will try to come and discuss with the shops prior to rental.
    If someone could help to provide some more bike for rent shops would be great.
    It's may stated somewhere in here but just btw anyone tell me what should I need to bring with or to do to legally ride in Thailand (with my Vietnamese driving/riding license)?
  7. Before BangkokBikeRentals, there was no options at all for rentals in BKK... other than long term Thai/Thai scooter rentals... even Frankc only had old bikes...

    SiamWheels isn't even worth considering, it is a ridiculously priced 'bike time share' club for rich Thais who want to show off 'their' new Harley or Ducati... other than that, your only hire options are outside of BKK where tourists go...

    If you have time, you really should consider spending the $100 and fly to Chiang Mai...

    As for clothes, I bring everything from home, because I don't have time to waste shopping for gear... the range is Thailand is limited, and expensive, compared to home (Australia) or online...

    The only exceptions is cheap helmets... if you are happy to trust a helmet that would sell for $120 in Australia, the same helmet will be about $30 in Thailand - Index brand... but a quality, brand name, helmet will cost more in Thailand than it does in Australia...


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