Bike Repairs on Samui


Nov 5, 2003
This from a "recent" Thai visa post.

Motorcycle repairs/service - Ohm motorcycles on the ring road opposite the bottom Chaweng Beach Road turning. This guy and his staff really know their stuff, especially with the big bikes.
I don't know if we have any riders on Samui or if many riders go there but... we should add it to the list.
Jul 6, 2004
Hi Mike,
I have a small place in Lama, Samui.
Just been there last week and bought a 125cc Suzuki to get around on.
Be back around September with my old 650 DAKAR.
Plan to stay for around 6 months and visit the GT Riders in CM.
I met Ohm last trip and he offered to accompany me into the hills of Samui on one of his rented dirt bikes. Nice guy and has heaps of bikes for rent, from 250 Chook chasers to R1's and GXR's and Harleys. He even has mazda rotary convertables!
If your down that way send us an email.

Jul 14, 2004
i have hired from ohm twice, was good to deal with and bikes in good condition, not much room on the island to open up a big sports bike though, take your own helmet if you can not a good choice and most had visors removed. Some ok off road tracks to explore for a day or so.
Be carefull riding on the road here loads of tourist many riding scooters for the first time and no helmets, sand builds out on the side of the road and everybody has there own idea of the road rules people get killed all the time the road toll is way out of kilt with the population.
Aug 24, 2008
Agreed - Ohm does look after his customers and locals alike.. Roads here in Samui - overall not bad - but we refer to Choengmon as little Bagdad!
Keep your eyes open for the new and improved holes in the roads!
Jul 14, 2004
Hi was in samui last week and as usaual got off the plane and caught a taxi straight to ohm and hired an xr250 on the ring road by the turn off to chaing beach, the bike tyres etc was in good condition as we all have come to expect from them.
for some reason my three mates who were with me all all decieded for some reason they wanted scooters for 200 baht instead of 500 for an xr and went across the road from ohm to a scooter hire shop. 1 of my mates has raced the isle of man tt with me and had his own helmet also, still cannot work it out.
Anyway had a good time for a week and a lucky escape on the gocarts when the left rear wheel flew off at full speed tipping into the righthander at the end of the start finish straight.
On the day we left we got up early to catch am flight, i took xr back at 9am when shop opened no problems and had taxi waiting, my mates on the otherhand took scooters back all was fine except they could not give back passports, the correct person was not there etc wait 5 min waited 30 min still could not get passports wait another 5 min etc,

after a while with taxi still waiting went in got a bit short with the young lad in the shop opened the draw and started sorting though for my three mates passports, felt abit bad about sorting through everyones passport so gave them to the young lad again to sort but instead he took them away. some time later this woman turned up and boy did she hit the roof. recond she had a headache and couldnt give passports back for a lest half an hour,
I had to cross the road and get the thai lady from Ohm to help us out, a few words were spoken in thai and away we went just in time for flight. once again thanks ohm, and dont hire from the shop across the road.