Bike Theft - How are they doing it?

Idaho Rider

Feb 11, 2007
Had to take my buddy's son to school this morning as his transporter click was stolen. This makes about four bikes of people I know stolen in the last year and I am wondering how they are doing it. Are they using master keys, or do they have some sort of device that they jam into the ignition key switch? Most of these thefts were in crowded areas so a pick-up hoist was unlikely. Any body know the MO these guys are using?

At any rate, a tough lock on the disk is a good idea, and I am thinking also about putting in a hidden switch that connects the live 12 VDC to the horn. That way, unless I turn the secret switch off, the horn blows as soon as the ignition comes alive.


New Member
Mar 3, 2009
Probably the 'old faithful' method.

Big hammer, screwdriver and mole grips.
Whack the screwdriver into the ignition and force it on with the the mole grips.
After that... any key will fit.

It takes a second. If you can, chain up your bike and make sure you have theft cover insurance.

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