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  1. Hi, I'm a very new boy to the forum, after being directed here from Horizons Unlimited.
    I'm planning to spend two weeks travelling Cambodia and I'm looking at companies such as 'Dancing Roads' which seems to tick all the boxes. Just looking for the local rider's perspective as I will be paying up to $200 per day for a 10 day trip, which sounds a lot when the GBP is so weak against the dollar and it seems you can hire a bke for $20 a day?? Is it best to bite the bullet and get the benifit of a local guided trip with like minded people or go it alone?
    Any and all advice would be appriciated.
  2. The best option for you would be Two Wheels Only. He can provide you with a rental bike and a private guide that will sit down with you and plan a trip acording to your personal tastes. His number is +855 12200513 or when in Cambodia 012 200 513.

    For this amount of money the trip can be planned with just 1 person you. Not like the other companies. You can travel at your own speed and be shown all the smaller points of interest. Upto you of course or you can just cover a lot of ground ticking off locations.

    The point being you have a personal guide that tailors the trip to your requirements.

    His new website best viewed using firefox is
  3. Going it alone is by far cheaper. But you will miss many very interesting things that may be just a km or so off the main road.

    Other things like knowing private run unsigned geust houses at Preh Vihear can make all the difference to your trip.

    Having a buddy is really also esential riding in Cambodia for when something breaks down youve got someone to watch the gear and someone to go and get help.
  4. Thanks Shadow for the lcal info, and its def worth considering as it may well e benificial to go at my own pace rather than a group, but would want the services of a local guide to both ensure I don't miss anything and make sure I contribute to the local economy.
  5. check n email lee if he has a bike available on the date of ur trip.

    he did deliver a honda xr baja to my hotel as contacted thru email.

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