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  1. Hi Friends,

    Being back again in LOS, I gain (and again) face the problem of leaving by road from Bangkok with all the relevant problems (no allowed to bikes bridges, higways and others)....

    Really boring, thus after having think to it thousands of time, I am decided to aquire a trailor at least for 2 bikes...I thought to invest a bit in a long back pick up, but after considering all the disadvantage of agi an additional car, I revert to a trailor.

    I have search in the search engine but unsuccessfully with the "trailor" word, as I remeber tha we already discussed about it years ago (a German friend established in the North...) ???

    But now, I need your help, wher could I go to source this bike trailor keeping in mind that Bangkok or Cha Am neighbourghood would be more cionvenient for me ?

    Any pictures would be more than welcomed...

    Good question, isn't it ?
  2. Hi Friend,

    Silverhawk, thank you very much. You are simply a Star ! Trailor and trailer for me French ...what could be the diffrence but there is one little, at least.

    Thanks again !

    I will try to investigate this if it's still working as it's already a long time ago (long time for Thailand)...
  3. There are a few Companies Selling Trailers now but I have had Conflicting Reports and their Location always leaves a bit to be Desired?
    Here are a couple with a better Rep and Location.
    I personally haven't used any of these so Can't give any Comments???
    Good Luck.
  4. I know that Rhodie had some difficulty when he purchased one from a farang manufacturer in Udon (don't know any further details)... I suggest a PM to him before parting with any folding if the trailer is from up there...

  5. I also wonder if there are any restrictions regarding trailers on these same highways and bridges? I think I would try to check that first as a trailer may not resolve your main concern. :?
  6. Hi Friends, Hi Dave, Hi Daewoo, Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the advises that's in fact my main concern: are we allowed to drive on the highways and bridges and others where bikes are forbidden otherwise I would love by far riding my wonderfull machines....

    At present i enter into contact with CARRYMORE Cy and will let you know about the follow-up, this cy runs by Australian seems to be in Nakorn Ratchasima. Anyway I'll check by PM for the Udon one, thanks again !
  7. I can check out the one in Korat for you if pass me the contact details. Currently taking it easy with a broken collar bone.
  8. Hi Friends,

    Thanks to the wise advises I received on this forum, I check details on restrictions and allowances for a car with a trailer on Bangkok roads , highways and country roads...In fact driving with a trailer is not so obvious in Thailand and that maybe the good reason why we don't see it so much or nearly not in LOS, or only for a local usage.

    Having looked at trailer makers proposals (for an acceptable and registred quality -trailer papers-) prices are easilyfrom 50.000 to plus plus Thai Bath and the cost of the towing equipment for the car. Thus, facing this difficulties I did reoriented myself to the solution of a second hand 2 wheel drive pickup with a long back (220 cm long and 260 in diagonal) for around 100.000 TBH.

    I think this would be, for Thailand, the easiest and the cheaper solution according to my needs.

    Please do not hesitate to comment as I am in the tender phase of my purchase intention, I already found several 220 cm long back trucks from different makers around this price.
  9. The dealer in Pattaya (German) sells imported bike trailers for 33k baht you can fit either 2 (One on each side, or one in the center), then 7k for fitting a hook on your car.

    He told me it comes with a green book, and is fully legal on the road, and with the exception of Highway No. 7 he have never hear about any problems using them. He also is getting the paper who show in Thai the law so in case stopped you can show it to BiB.
  10. Hi Bard,

    Thanks for your post, could you please publish his full coordinates ?

    I really would like to check seriously this opportunity, as my issue is:

    -1°) To drive in Bangkok

    -2°) To escape from Bangkok by Highways

    -3°) To circulate freely on whole Thai roads

    I was informed about the Green Book as it has to go through Ministry of Industry Check (Matatan), it would be interesting he could disclose the Thai reference text to show to MiB

    Thanks for your contribution.
  11. OK I can explain where he is, but his details is home and I won't be home until 16th I think then I can post his contact details.

    Anyway, if you come from Bangkok towards Pattaya on the Highway at the T junction Pattaya/Rayong turn towards Rayong, then take the first U turn. Keep left and you will see a bunch of trailers in front of the shop, just at the Esso station where you turn to Bangkok.

    If you are in Pattaya drive towards the Bangkok highway, then drive towards Rayong and do NOT drive towards Bangkok, after the flyover take a U turn and follow as above.

    You cannot miss him as there are numerous of trailers outside...

    He also have load of information on the green book and any legal issues by driving with a trailer.

    Cheers Bard
  12. I took a look at the Trailers down there from the German Guy last week but they are very Light Build Quality and only Bolted together, I also called the Guys, their Prices are similar to Upbeat but Trailers are only primed and Painted! I have not been to their Factory so haven't seen them in the Flesh so to Speak!
    I went to twice last week. First Time had a Top Quality Hitch fitted to My Toyota Vigo, Fully Galvanized and Complete with Wiring and Light Plug. Went back the second time to get a Trailer But unfortunately for Me the one I wanted had just been Sold :cry: They have a Big Range and most Models are ready to Tow away. I have Ordered a 10ft X 5ft Single Axle, No Brakes. This is sufficient to carry My 3.6m Dingy, or one of Our Buggys, or 3 of Our Motorcycles? They will Deliver it to Chiang Mai for Me. Comes with Rego / Green Book. My Only Complaint with them is their Factory is Really quite Hard to Find out by the New Airport! also they give a Price but always add VAT on later which is a Pain in the A**E and Puts the Price up :evil: Having Said that they are the Most Professional and Best Quality I have seen in Thailand so Far? They have some Top Notch Bike Trailers and at Good Prices!!!
    They also Speak English :idea: You can call either Joe of Tumrong on 081-8298359 or 081-6452201 .
    Good Luck :wink:
  13. Ian I bought one of the German ones from Pattaya last year. I considered Up Beat but way too expensive and BTW they are mostly made in Germany as well.
    Whether bolt together or welded didn't worry me. Mine is fully galvanised and tows and tracks perfectly even on that shite they call highway # 1.
    Been to Pattaya and Nahkon Chaisri several times and never had a problem except for the tie down points which are in the wrong place. Fixed that myself.
    Certainly didn't get my 3 bike trailer for 33,000 baht though!
  14. I also recommend Upbeat. Joe got me sorted with a hitch and wiring on my Toyota Vigo for about 7000 Baht plus tax. Agree their factory is not easy to find but he faxed me a map that made it quite easy. Bought a second hand German-brand 2-bike trailer from a friend in Pattaya. It's zehr gut! :mrgreen:


    Happy Trails!

  15. I can't imagine how it is possibly cheaper to import a trailer from Germany, than to make it in Thailand... surely materials is the same price or cheaper, and labout about 10% (not that there is much labour to make a trailer)...

    I reckon you download the plans from the net, buy yourself a welder and a few beers, and make one yourself...

    What I don't like about Thailand is the individually fabricated hitches... here in Aus, Hayman Reese has about 95% of the market, even OEM on most cars... didn't like the look of the one I saw fabricated for Tropical Johns little Jazz...

  16. Well, it's a German brand, but for all I know it was assembled in Thailand. The Thai brand trailers aren't cheap! I was quoted just over 100,000 Baht for a double bike trailer plus hitch and installation from Upbeat :shock:
    Make one yourself? Sure, but TiT- how would you get it registered and plated? :crazy:
    Ride On!
  17. Yeah, I guess... Here in Aus it is easy as...

  18. Hi all,
    hi Laurent, how do you plan to load your bike on the pick-up?
    If you are alone to do it what's the way to go?

    I'm a bit concern with my "new/future/planned" trials bike... It can't stay steady by itself at the moment of loading it, can it?.. And as, usually, we only have two hands and two legs, mmmmmmmh, maybe a "mechanical help" should be helpful...
    Any tips?

    I can't find back a previous member's post here who made a "bike carrier" attached to the rear end of his pick-up. No wheels: the bike is "suspended" perpendicularly to the car and is not loaded on the skip...
    I found it was a good idea, though the bike was longer than the pick-up width...
    And further, if alone, how to load the bike on the "carrier"?

  19. Hey Gobs,

    It's a trials bike... you ride it up onto it's back wheel, bounce around on the back wheel for a little while, and then just sort of jump it into the back of the pickup...

    These guys make that seem like the easiest thing they would do all day :D

    [youtube:109zjh9a] /youtube:109zjh9a]

    Cheese and Cheers,
  20. Thanks for the tip, Daewoo :clap:

    Though I've never been an ace (and from far!), 30/35 years ago I might give it a try 8) But nowadays, I should be happy to have fun with some "soft or light" trials experiences :mrgreen:

    Apart this, what today trials riders can do is absolutely amazing!

    But definitely not in my own skills... :wink:

  21. Tell me about it... I went searching YouTube for a video of a guy jumping into the back of a pickup... I was sure there would be one there somewhere... instead I got caught in an endless link of Trails Bike videos... two hours later, I finally posted my reply...

    Amazing stuff they can do...

  22. Upbeat made a trailer for us which can hold 4 bikes, because of the total weight it has 2 axles, we use it to get the bikes out of Bkk, using the express way around Bkk no problem but you have to pay for the trailer too which come with it's own registration.
    Their website is , if you prefer to talk to a farang then plse call the owner i.e. Harry Sprangers at 084 700 3323.
  23. Hi Azoulay! I have sent you a pm about this topic. Cheers.

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