BikeChecks between Lao/Cambo and Lao/Thailan


May 24, 2006
it seems to be a royal pain in the ass for me to get my bike finally and legally registered in Phnom Penh, so I'm now thinking of going underground and getting faked papers and plates because my time in Asia is running out.

The only international border I will probalbly cross is Laos. Anybody knows how the checks between Lao and Cambodia look like for a Motorbike (Cambodian registered)? I might try to get into Thailand from Laos as well, whats's the situation there?

From what I've heard at least Laos should be no problem and people in Cambodia drive around without any or with fake plates all the time, but I would like to hear it from somebody who has actually done it.

Feb 23, 2003
That would be me as far as crossing into Thailand with special lucky lucky plates. [:)] At the border into Thailand from Cambodia they do not really care, they just want to see your passport, and a piece of paper (although now is a plastic card )with your name on it and the correct bike numbers. The bike will then be granted 30 days in Thailand. I have crossed into Thailand Laos with the same lucky lucky plate and had no problems. Not sure what you are planning to do with the bike once you get here ???? You cannot sell it because you are not on the computer as having brought the bike in, so the bike must leave at some point. Good luck!


Nov 17, 2004
I've crossed Lao/Cambo twice and the customs guys didn't even look at the bike or the paperwork.

Cambo/Thailand I have crossed 5 or 6 times. Koh Khong cambo side they don't care so much but the Thai side varied. Once they just wrote up the import paper and passenger manifest, the next time inspected the bike, checked numbers and looked in the gear.

North of Siem Reab I crossed above Anlong Vieng and it was more a social atmosphere and went fast.

The toilet border Aranyaprathet was also easy(ish) but so chaotic.

Thailand to Laos is not difficul as long as you have some kind of paperwork for the bike. The plastic card serves the purpose and the bike usually never gets looked at. VTE Friendship bridge seems to change a lot. When you enter Lao, make sure you get a green paper and tell them you need one month - some places charge 250 Baht a week, some don't.

no bribes, be nice and it goes well.


Don't worry so much.

Ride Smart, Ride Safe.


Nov 10, 2003
Last time at the Friendship Bridge they only wanted to give 1 week import permit (the green paper). Talked with the big boss upstairs but he would not budge - apparently orders from Vientiane that 1 week is the maximum. You may be able to get lmore than a week at other border crossings as they may be more flexible - they do let in motor cycles with Thai plates which is still a no-no at the Friendship bridge.