Biking lessons

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  1. Love the bikes and would love to experience a motor-trip but i don't know how to ride one. It would be too sad to leave Laos without learning or experiencing one. Most of my friends are too busy to teach me. Sigh.
  2. thank you,biker.[:)]
  3. Your best bet would be to get your self a honda dream semi auto and do a couple of small runs to get some experiance then step up from there, not too difficult.
    Look us up when your in ChiangMai and i can get you started
  4. yes, been trying to do that but i get so nervous i keep gripping the accelerator n scaring my tutor half to death. laugh.
    I have not yet determined plans for the Lao new year. I ahve 5 days off. would that be bad time to visit?
  5. I checked out your website. will call if plans are confirmed. Thanks
  6. If thats the songkran festival time yes very bad time to ride
  7. Actually, am feeling rather reclusive of late and am looking for a cool place to hibernate.

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