Bira track day

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  1. Bira race track

    Some pictures of me! me! me! and my new GSX1400.

    Bira is a great track and the day was very well organised by Graham and High Side Tours.

    Bira is near Pattaya on the 36. From Bangkok, when the 7 runs out, turn left onto the 36 instead of right (for Pattaya). Bira is on the right hand side next to the country club (big sign).

    It's about two hours from Bangkok although I did meet a couple of guys who claimed to have done it on their VTR and Hayabusa in one hour.



    And finally. A sea plane on top of a petrol station. That's not me in the picture; he's just putting petrol in. When I asked him why there was a sea plane on the roof, he seemed not to have noticed it.
  2. Good on you Dave. Looks like you were having a great time.
  3. There is another one of these track days on Saturday 1 March.

    Cost, if you are riding, is 1000B in advance or 1500B on the day. Contact Graham if you want to pay in advance: graham_r_knight at hotmail dot com.

    The last two track days have had a really good atmosphere with about 60 bikes; mainly Thai riders.

    Helen and I will be heading to Patts from bkk on Friday straight after work. That way I can be fresh on Saturday and ready to resume my utter domination of the midfield of the slow group.
  4. Glad to see you had a fun time at Bira. A really fun way to enjoy your bike in a bit more controlled environment.
    It is as long as you stay on the track. Its a bit unforgiving than most tracks in regards to runoff room with a cement Armco running its entire perimeter 30 feet off the track. Can be a bit daunting when a slide goes to far or the front end tucks :shock: .

    Really surprised with his turn out. Thats an impresive number and great to see.
  5. Think they were the same leathers that i had on the Nov track day, did you borrow them from Graham ??

    Excellent day out, i went into the intermediate group by mistake and was wondering why i was getting passed out :roll:

    I will miss the Mar 1 as I'm not going back till mid March. :(
    The track is open every Sunday morning 8-12 if there is not another event on so thats where i will be every sunday :D check on the bira website
  6. Yes, those are Graham's leathers. Was it you that left all that black flakey stuff in them?!

    I now have my own leathers now so we won't need to squabble. Perhaps I'll see you there one Sunday.
  7. a great track day put on by graham and david, great value at 1000baht and well over an hour and a half on track. beats 3 rain interrupted sessions in england at a cool 120pounds thank you very much. anyone wanting too push their bike a bit further in a safe environment then these highside tours events are very well recommended.
  8. Yep. There was another one on 1/3/08

  9. e3l0,

    is there another one on the 1st may?
  10. Looking here:
    it looks like the Monday 19th May is the first day of 3 days of HST training. I think Graham doesn't mind people joining in but he will be teaching clients.

    It also suggests that there MIGHT be a proper track day on Saturday 3rd May, but there is no mention of it here: ... fYear=2008

    HST have their own forum which you would expect to hot up as an event nears but don't expect a speedy response in the mean time.

    You have to be Hercule Poirot.
  11. Not a track day tomorrow (May 3rd) but Bira should be available to bikes in the morning. Me and a few others are planning to be there.


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