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  1. First of all sorry but this is not a road report, so I hope I'm not getting flamed over it.

    From Thai Visa Forum I meet a lot of good people who enjoy riding bikes, lot of them are easy going and fun to be with. Anyhow we decided to meet up for a track day to improve riding skills and hone up, unfortunately only three of us came. That was Simon, Trent and myself who meet up at Bira.

    First of all me and Trent was hung over since we celebrated his birthday until 3 in the morning the previous day and we came about 1/2 hour late, then we struggled a bit finding the right entrance which was not that easy to find but we made it.

    We started of slowly warming up the tires and getting our head around the track for a while, then we started to open up and gaining speed. We all found the first corner to be a bitch as it turns out to be a sloped curve, and it is not that obvious to find the line in it. The second curve, well it is not easy to find the line at all. The rest is pretty straightforward with nice apex, double apex and S curves, a good challenge.

    On my bike I found the tires to really be unsafe when I slid on the front tire in a double apex, it was very sobering and I am glad I found it out in a controlled environment, due to that it was not and accident.

    From riding the track a while I found myself seeking a good line, looking at other much better riders and learning from them to really working on my vision and improving the skills. The others pretty much felt the same way. Also tried out some emergency maneuvers like braking etc. And I am very glad I did, as I found the limits of the bike, myself and the tires.

    We also had luck because some pro riders were there who helped us by advising on the more challenging parts of the track. After a pretty hard day we left to Pattaya and went bar hopping for the good of the riders, stinking sweat and oil it was impressive to still hear the "love you to much" and we had a lot of fun.

    I got the itch of doing this again, and next time I'll post it here. It was an incredible learning experience and it was also a fantastic lot of fun doing it. Hopefully next time when I post it more will join as well.

    Unfortunately due to having way to much fun, and learning a lot we all forgot to take pictures, next time we will ;)

    Cheers Bard
  2. Hi Bard

    Thax for sharing and to be honest in Thai Visa pages, i didnt find anything than people bashing eash other and no real effort to do anything else.

    One's i shifted to GT-Pages, i met dosens real riders who really wanna go riding even we live in diffferent part of the country.

    You wanna advice, you post in TV, only what you get is smart a*#s comment's from "Real" pros,, in GT, people helping each other's and try to solve problems.
    i been here since 06 and would not go back to TV for seriours bike issues.

    But that's IMHO

    Edit: almost forgot,, would love to see some pictures from your guys having fun..i know Trent was Flat out there... :lol:
  3. Hi Bard,
    Sounds like a trip report to me, so no flames in sight, although as Marco has said, thats not the way of most guys here.
    Maybe next time some pics would be welcome, especially of Trent enjoying himself off the track.
    (Now I wonder if I will be the one getting flamed?) :D
  4. Thanks guys for the comments, you're right about TV.

    We will have another go at Bira Sunday if anyone else is in to join we'll meet up at 9 in the morning and this time I shall take some pictures. Trent was flat out on his flying fridge as you can imagine and was pretty wild when the guys came with pure race bikes, he wanted a more nimble machine immediately.

    Tomorrow I'm off to Yamaha to test out the FZ-6 and FZ-1 together with Trent, how and where that ends is a good guess, Trent want to test BKK - Chiang Mai- BKK so we have to see what the good folks will say about that idea, I am pretty sure we will end up in a funny place at the end again.

    Cheers Bard
  5. Bard

    You be the brains,, dont give any more powerfull machines to Trent,, he will dissapare to horizon immediately,,, :wink:
    Just give him a tube of KY,, hell know what i mean..LOL
  6. Haha funny you should mention it, that's what I gave him for his birthday. When you crash into him, just give him more :lol:

    He's 30 now so make sure you call him old since he managed to feel depressed over that, I gave him the story that now the fat will pile up and so on, got him really down, then he got naked in a bar in Soi 6 in Pattaya, and it went worse from there haha fun day as usual.

    Cheers Bard[/img]
  7. Who, Trent Naked,, Dont sound like him at all
    Sorry,, coudn't resist...555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
    Sorry. :twisted:
  8. Well that's him alright, I'm not talking about me but ehh I had fun as well as the madman I can be.

    It was a lot of fun, but this race day will be better, we'll start off with a BBQ sleep race like idiots and then go to my soi in Rayong where life is like Thailand many years ago and all is all fun and no tourists. To put it lightly Trent will feel at home there for sure.

    I'll update after I recover

    Cheers Bard
  9. IOf you need some really decent tyres , Graham at Highside tours in the pits at Bira sells and fits Pirreli Diablo Rossos at good prices , he did my Ducati and they are good for road and track.
  10. Good tip, I'll definitely have a talk with him.

    Cheers Bard

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