bizarre way to kill yourself on a motorcycle

Jul 6, 2004
Extract from Pattaya Newspaper

Italian man dies when ice tongs pierce his chest

Boonlua Chatree
An Italian man died in a freak accident when he lost control of his motorcycle and a pair of ice tongs that he had placed in the front basket punctured his chest.
Pattaya Police Station received a report at 9 p.m. on March 10 that a foreign man was lying dead at Pattaya Memorial Hospital. Arriving at the emergency room of the hospital, officers found Mrs Khampaeng Nonthichan, 55, hugging a dead body. The deceased man was identified as Carmelo Lombardo, a 55-year-old Italian citizen.
There were two open wounds on the body, each approximately two inches in length. The first was to the right armpit, and the second to the right side of the chest. The physician said that death had been due to the loss of a large amount of blood, as the cut to the chest had punctured the man’s lung. He had been pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Police transferred the body to the Medical Jurisprudence Institute for verification of the cause of death.
Khampaeng told the officers that she had a mutual life with the deceased for one full year. On the exact anniversary of their life together, they had gone out to buy things for the house at the market fair near Mini Siam on Sukhumvit Road. Amongst the items was a pair of metal tongs for ice, which they placed in a plastic bag in the motorcycle’s front basket.
On the way back to their residence they passed the elevated timber walkway in South Pattaya where the road was being resurfaced. The deceased lost control of the motorcycle and crashed, and was stabbed with the tongs. Khampaeng said she pulled the tongs out of his body, and blood gushed out. Sawang Boriboon Foundation rescue workers arrived and took the deceased to the hospital.
The officers kept the 1-foot long ice tongs as evidence, noting that they were sharp and stained with blood.
Jul 17, 2007
Tom Forde wrote: Khampaeng said she pulled the tongs out of his body, and blood gushed out.
So this Khampaeng girl is a qualified doctor, is she?
If she had left the tongs in the body, the guy may be alive today.
She needs to be tried for manslaughter.


Nov 14, 2006
I have nearly been killed a few times by morons on their Honda Wave who carry a spare helmet in the basket. It completely blocks the headlight.

Of course than is no big deal to some of these morons.

I personally took the shopping basket off my CB400.
Apr 22, 2003
A guy was killed in a minor rear end car accident at about 30 klm/ph when a pen that was sitting on the shelf beneath the rear window went through the back of his head, just like an arrow


May 12, 2008
beddhist wrote: In civilised countries people can't be prosecuted for blunders while trying to render first aid. This is sensible, in my opinion: if you can be sued or prosecuted, would you touch a victim?
Actually, many "western" countries have what is known as the "Good Samaritan" act (or similar).
According to the general description, if you attempt to render First Aid to a victim, to a level you have been trained to do, you are protected from litigation.
However, if you attempt to do anything that you are not trained/qualified to do, you could be inserious trouble.

Pulling the tongs out is the reaction most (untrained) people would likely think is/was the best choice. A trained responder would have (hopefully) known better.

In any event, sad and tragic way to go out.