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  1. Does anybody have an idea where I can get a set of Bluetooth Intercoms for driver and passenger in LOS ? Preferrably 2 speakers per set, including charging station; no connection to the bike necessary, 'clip-on' to both helmets. Many thanks for any information. Franz
  2. Hi Franz

    have you looked at white horse press. They have bike to bike intercom which would do the same thing, not sure if they have bluetooth.

    have bought heaps of stuff from them, last was a wired intercom, worked fine between rider and pillion, at the speeds Mis Pink travels at.

    I always get stuff sent to an address outside Thailand and then someone brings in. Althogh last time, ordered some BMW plugs and sockets and all came in without being hit fo duty.
  3. Hi TJ, many thanks, will get the SCALA Rider Teamset once I'm in Europe or Singapore or even have the company send it directly to me from the US. Import should be no pompemm. Anyone interested here's the manufactorers website:

    Cheers, Franz

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