BMW 2004 K1200LT for sale

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  1. Hi Every one

    NOW it's MY time to start to SELLING my BMW K1200LT, she is 2004 model and well kept and kept and then UPDATED in Several lovations.
    I also noticed many many times when i ride her to any of the rike week and there will be so many people to watch her and if i ride with my wife she will be asked so many times by THAI's for anything about our bike.

    So here is pictures of her and she will COST 500.000THB

    She is LEGALLY imported to THAILAND by BMW and I'm 2nd OWNER and have Green book and bike has plate from UBON.
    She has around 60.000KM driven or just a bit more...

    Here is pictures

    then one thing from FRONT head line i have used time to time head line Cover so incase some stones are flyng around they will NOT broke head line cover(what will cost a lot),
    i order SPECIAL plastic cover few yrs ago from HGK and installed that and i can say it's very good

    Then i have, or lets say bike has 1 big top box and 2 side cases where right hand side will have CV player so you when you get the bike will get 3 special bags made for BMW K1200LT specially and they are like i show you the the one what is made for right side where is CV player

    i also give BATTERY tender together with bike also
    what is good when one do not ride long time with her, it will keep battery in best condition many many months if needed

    then FEW pictures of all left and right side of the where rider can change many many things available for the bike,,

    for the person who is sitting in back, has controll of the radio volume or MUTE it if needed

    Rider control for Radio and CV

    THIS is something what many bikes do not have,, REVERCE Gear switch

    Left hand side handle bar

    Right side

    SO, she is on sale now....

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