BMW 8ooGS Wanted

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  1. Hi folks,

    A friend of mine is looking for a used BMW 800GS. Preferably around one year old, excellent conditions, low Km, etc. Anyone know of such a 800?
    Thanks for your help.
    David Chiang Khong
  2. I think You will be hard pressed to find any Second Hand ones David? They are pretty popular so everyone keeps them. Lots of the F650 available though! He might have to fork out for a New one or another option is at the End of the Year Triumph bring out their 2 New 800cc Adventure Bikes. One for Road, Mag Wheels and a 19inch front Rim. The other full adventure with Spoked wheels and a 21inch front wheel. They weigh 175kgs and have 100 HP versus the F800GS 185kgs and 80HP. Supposed to be a Brilliant Bike and the Performance of another New Legendary Triple Engine!!! Rumoured Price around 750.000 Baht so in the same ball Park as the BMW at 770.000 Baht. Could be a good option?
  3. Thanks Ian - will pass your info onto my friend. He did find a great 800GS but it won't be on the market for another two months - after it has done a trip down to Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Cheers and if you by chance hear of somthing, please give me a call. See you next time we are over your way.
    Chiang Khong

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