BMW 9R test ride today

Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by monsterman, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Im in Uk and went for a test ride today on the new retro BMw 9r it has conventional Upside down forks not telelever and a low seat height its absolutely fantastic , as good as any of my ducati monsters , very comfy low Cof g and great perfomance and sound ,,, only problem ....£12,000 I will wait until some are 4 years old then I will get one to go alongside my Ducatis its so beautiful
  2. Yes Great Looking Bike! Any Pictures?
  3. Sorry Ian i did not have a camera with me , I rode it about 30 miles ,,,,,its a winner apart from the cost ,,,also BMW are now fitting steering dampers as standard to all the new GS flat twin models due to several well publisied fatal accidents around the world on older bikes including the death of Kevin Ash the jounalist who was testing a GS1250 at the time of his death , owners are advised to retro fit a steering damper on GS series bikes , although there are still legal cases going on in UK ,EU and USA so BMW wont make it official !!!
  4. Nice to hear it rides well. It sure looks like a jewel on two wheels.
  5. Drop dead gorgeous bike, would get it in a heartbeat.

    BMW is kicking ass right now, all their designs are much improved, they're making bikes in Thailand, and they come up with instant classics like the R nine t.

    Price in thailand over 1M baht. But who knows maybe they'll start making it in Rayong too!

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