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  1. Tum

    I sent you PM yesterday regarding gamin,,,how much is it?
  2. This Billet Footpegs fits all BMW GS 650/1100/1150/1200 > 1994 - 2009 Models

    Pro-Stomp Series Foot Pegs are aimed at the serious rider who wants nothing but the best for his bike and are made from 6262T9 billet aluminium offering superior durability and strength.


    I can have this shipped to you at USD$195 and payment via paypal. Pm me for more details.

    I am also looking for thailand motorcycle shop for dealers in this product, drop me a PM or email me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  3. Hi Friends,

    For those who dream about it...some true picture of the BMW case.

    I posted these pictures in order you can realise the rather poor make of these very costful accessories which are the legendary aluminium BMW cases for GS Adventure.

    For sure it finish the look of the bike, but I was quite surprise of the poor quality of the cases, anyway if some of you wants to take inspiration from it and realise it "home made" on a better quality, do not hesitate to require more details if needed.


    This picture shows you the impressive width of the bike when fitted with these cases...Not so easy to move in the Parisian traffic....But quite enough to carry all (and more) you could need for a trip round here, I even have a 12 volts small air compressor, just in case...


    Here is the interior of the central case, with indication of speed limits with the cases, you can see the poor quality of soldering...


    A view of the pipes where to fix the right case with the Akrapovic exhaust


    2 views of the right case, maybe the more difficult to copy but with some care and attention, everything is possible



    Inside the central case, I put my tools, a spray for punched wheels, the case of the Garmin 550 and the famous French Army Couteau Tattoo, a multi purpose tool, spoon, knife, fork, can opener an dmore ...a must for traveling.

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