BMW Dry clutch,, or so you thought

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Marco, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hello

    Just to keep you updated abt this BWM K1200LT nightmare clutch replacement

    Bike has been driven just under 40K and this is what i found today when we finally managed to open it's DRY clutch,, and this is how it should NOT look.
    Gear Box side

    Rest of the pictures from Clutch side

    Clutch plate

    remember, it should be DRY and so clean,,,,well it was not 5555,clean or dry, we also find few drops of water mixed with oil.
  2. Oh dear- what a mess... :cry:
    Good luck getting it sorted!
  3. Hi Friends,

    You are right, it does not seem so "dry"; however why did it happened ???Isn't it an excess of oil on the other side (this often happen when oil level are wrongly done (please don't feel offensed, it is absolutely not my intention, just to help.).

    With good detergents you'll sort it out but i fear the seal is dead as you should have driven like it is today...
  4. Hi All

    as i'm part of LT group in US and from info they side this kind of "accident"
    is normal but NOT in this scale.

    Usually "slave cylinder "fails" with in 10K first time and after replacement,,it should last when replacement is done correctly for quite some time.

    There is some thing's to do before she is running again, we have to see if we can fing replacement seal rings from ubon
    after all seals are replaced, actuall re-assmbling is not hard and it should run with in few feeks if everything goes well, i still have a lot's of things to do with mods back home
  5. Getting to the clutch on these Beemers means taking the whole bike apart. What a shame, this on a top-of-the-line BMW with only 40K km. Hope it's still under warranty.
  6. No there is no reasson to take "Whole" bike apart,,,tupperware yes,rear and final drive yes, but engine just can be "tilted and thats it.
    Engine is still in place just frame has been lifted up from rear and front engine bolts loosen and rear tooken away, but b4 one do that engine need's to be supported from under with hyraulic lifter, easy job actually (when one know how to do it) :wink:

    Updated pictures and new issues
    Looks Clean??....NOT,,behind the housing cover
    ok, lets clean it..
    Clean,,,BUT,,, oil coming from engine,,, hmmm,, new issue
    looks like ok,, as housing cover is not in place,,but have to be sure b4 put everything back...

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  7. Well if you support the engine, loosen the engine bolts, lift the frame up after you took off practically everything else off - I'd call that "taking the whole bike apart". The compact BMW K drivetrain has lots of advantages, but if you have a problem with the clutch or starter, it's getting expensive. If you don't do it yourself. Compared to most japanese bikes. :)
  8. Well... :? taking tupperware away is 2hrs job,taking rear end a part is 2hrs job,, taking clutch a part and replaced if from me 2 whole day job(now) and not expensive when doing as training for my current mechanic.

    Of course what ever one do with BM's in thailand is wayyy over priced like in rest of the world but bit better in US or EU.
    Also when comparing to Japs bike,,,cant, first od all,,there is not so much plastic and everything is made easy access,but beemer,,is made to milk money from it's owners....

    When one has place to do it and parts in hand total time for this operation is 12hrs(not from me yet) and have to say that this kind of thing do not happen so often so it's worth the time and same time one get to know my bike completely.

    I take this as lesson, very good lesson.No negative thoughts
  9. Marco,

    Good work on that clutch. You have far more patience than I have anymore. That rear engine seal is another bugger that scared me on my LT. I'm surprised with that much seepage, that you didnt notice any oil on the ground. I was lucky mine didnt go out (that I know) before I sold it at 47K. Hopefully the guy that bought it can avoid the issue for a few years at least.

    Is the flying couch back on the road yet?
  10. Feejer

    Not a drop of oil at any time under the bike,,,but of course i noticed the slipping clutch,,,

    Now parts again are in order and waiting time abt 2weeks for them and then just put all back together (hopefully)

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