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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Marco, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Good Morning guys and girls (Im in Bermuda so we have morning)

    I did send question to BMW regarding fuel to be used on BMW bikes asking if we can run the engines with 91RON, and following statement was sent to me.

    by:Khun Kamolchart
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Dear Khun Marco,

    Please be informed that BMW Motorrad are designed and built for a use of gasoline with max. 10 % Ethyl alcohol.

    For further information please do not hesitated to contact me.

    Best regards,


    So in my mind say that we can drive BMW bikes on gasohol 10% and less but not higher, and as it is BMW Statement it should be correct..correct?

    But lets wait and see, im still waiting for answer from HQ Germany about this issue.

    Or any one here has latest on gasoline issues?
  2. G'Day Captai, thankfor a note and IF you have driven so much it should be ok then

    also i just ot mail from BMW TH as follows

    Dear Khun Marco,

    I mean Gasohol 95 will be ok for your bike but not 91 RON and Gasohol 91.

    Due to your LT design to run on Octane 95.

    So off we go as soon im back in the LOS.
  3. HI Marco

    I really don't understand why you hesitate to use Gasohol. BMW have told a long time ago, at least for consumers in US and Europe that "Gasohol" up to 10% can be used on all BMW:s from 1980 up!!! Some models can get problems with the floating chambers and these must be replaced by a upgrade from Bing, the carburetor manufacturer. The BMW filter manufacturer Purolator informed already 5 years ago that all their filters can be used by Gasohol All 1990 models- are 100% gasohol prepared. Pls read the old threads about Gasohol.

  4. Hi HIKO

    It's simple as BMW Owners manual cleary states that ONLLY 95 fuel to used and i dont wanna do experimentals as they might cost large ammount of the money...

    I just wondering IF BMW has stated that about 5yrs ago, why they have not put that in they Owners hand book,my bike is -04 models so it should be there....

    but, now i have got conformation from then there is no doubbt.

    Yes BMW says that you can only use 95 Fuel and Gasohol 95 is a 95 Fuel. At some stage they stated that you cannot use Leaded Fuel but I assume that that is not a topic anymore. In the Us they also state that you cannot use Methanol blended Gasolines and only up 10% Ethanol blended =Gasohol.

    When you used the "good old 95 Gasoline" you were actually burning either ETBE or MTBE as an additive in your Gasohol. BMW accepts up tp 15% of these. Both are ethers, the first derived from Ethanol the second from Methanol and both used to increase the octane. So it is not so big difference.

    I don't know for what country your bike was manufactured for but I think that it is quite difficult for BMW to print all the different fuels that are allowed, because they differ from country to country. That is way they state simply use 95 fuel.

    The introduction and marketing of Gasohol in Thailand is managed very poorly, thus letting rumors and myths surface causing consumers to be scared for Gasohol. It is quite unbelievable that they haven't even educated the sales personel about Gasohol with the result that you can still hear that Gasohol? Motosai? mai dai!!! from the man pouring fuel into your tank.

  6. Hi Hiko

    Correct,, im so surprised that even the guys in BKK whom i got my bike did not know that when asked,, instance they reply was never use gasohol and as i never had BMW before i did soly relay they advice and kept hunting 95fule and time to time end up very tight situations as there was no normal 95 available any here "trusting" BMW computer i managed to travel from town to town and get what i was looking for, but have to say now that it's "Crystal" clear for me,, im more happy to continue touring and way more relaxed when it comes to find gas stations.

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